Nothin' special
  • oxpdxNothin' special

  • micl_likes_itLaaaaaame
  • earlpdxHoly..I'd kill myself :( but happy new year 2014 @oxpdx love you guys ;)
  • trevorpayneHahathat is special
  • kate_morgenOuch
  • gg30000@oxpdx I thought we had it rough here! Ha!
  • stjackpdxHa! No modifiers over here... Yay!
  • brianbadluckOoof.
  • chefdrewbuzikOMG PDX is the capital of allergies & intolerants bless y'all's hearts
  • markstefano@bubbadad it's not the people, it's the food. It's fake. Gmo wheat is horrible. It's not real food.
  • janniehuangHaha. Wow. That's crazy.
  • ms_marydWow, I thought we had it bad...
  • chefpaulshufeltLooks like a catering we did last year. Vegetarians eating chicken and celiacs demanding raw vegan food. Good times
  • ianrjohnsonThis is hilarious, more so because I was there and asked for no gorgonzola in my spinach (or, no spinach). Mea culpa.
  • jccravesThank you for accommodating. Hate the way HuffPo spun it - cynical.
  • qapprovedWe commend you for caring about those with food restrictions! Glad we aren't alone!
  • qapproved@bubbadad Why do you say that it's the capital? 😊
  • jocooksandlifts@oxpdx very accommodating. If i'm ever in town, i'll be sure to stop by! (Gluten intolerant)
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