HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2014 be a healthy and gorgeous year for all of you! GOD BLESS YOU! Xoxo
  • joyce_giraudHAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2014 be a healthy and gorgeous year for all of you! GOD BLESS YOU! Xoxo

  • jsskrol@joyce_giraud linda happy new year and keep it real you are my fav sweety !!!!
  • nadinealsalehy@joyce_giraud happy new year gorgeous best wishes for you and your family💖😘😘
  • cdeidaLa mejor! Y mas bella!
  • clarissajoyce1You are such an inspiration! Beautiful, classy, smart & caring! Happy New Year to my favorite role model! @joyce_giraud
  • marinecismasHappy new year!! I wish you and your family all of the absolute best!!! 💞💞💞
  • realhousewivestvHappy new year Joyce!🎉💖
  • tia_pandjaitanSooo pretty
  • bricklipstickJacquelyn!
  • _amanda.wang_hello Joyce I'm your Chinese fans
  • johnrayramonaborjaHappy New Year from your Guam friends :-)
  • jbells16You are so beautiful ! Much prettier than Brandi inside and out
  • pretty_grlz_rocBrandi is jealous of you!!! She wants your life!!! Happy new year and you keep up the class act!!! Can't wait to see the reunion!!!
  • pretty_grlz_roc@hazeljanzen hater!!! Is this Brandi? Leave this sweet beautiful lady alone!!! This must be Brandi!!!
  • nadinealsalehyBrandi is a horrible woman and offcourse she is jealous of Joyce. Joyce is a good person with a big heart and she has a husband that loves and respect her. And Joyce is gorgeous..That must eat Brandi alive hahhahahahahha.. go and educate yourself Brandi because girl you need it
  • mnbaker24Youuuu are so gorgeous!
  • elysewileyStunning @joyce_giraud
  • joycegiraudfanpageGorgeous 💖
  • alyssmm__I LOVE you on TRHW Beverly Hills! It's about time they put someone like you whose real! (and puts Brandi in her place
  • alyssmm__😄
  • jose_____miguel@joyce_giraud Luces como cuando ganaste el Miss Universe PR en el 1998 ... Eternamente bellaaa ♥♚
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