This Amaretto Ciroc got me feeling like I'm on NY time so HAPPY NEW YEARS from Los Angeles to the world. #2014
  • losangelesconfidentialThis Amaretto Ciroc got me feeling like I'm on NY time so HAPPY NEW YEARS from Los Angeles to the world. #2014

  • reccaboo22<3 the smart ass smile
  • arimontoya81Damnnn
  • forevacouteesladii_😍😍😍😍
  • money_motivatesyou're beautiful ❤️😘
  • meek_reneeRaw n all @star_debate
  • 1_kiwi_strawberryWat up GAME
  • smile4metoyaMy mcm
  • gifted_jadeLmao... this nigga ghetto af. Man, u gotta luv him.
  • starr_da_barbie#luvhim @thedocumentary
  • mellowyellow87I really like that sweater..
  • dose_of_esh😍😘😉😜
  • yinet04Dios q lindo😍
  • prettyboytatsShe's Wants a Real Street Nigga 😄
  • beeluvv_Sup beautiful !!
  • kitkat_vs_katstackz@whenarichniggawantyou Hey game my name is Shauntae hill I've been inspired by you for a min now,i love that you help others an actually take care of your kids lol im a single parent mom from Detroit mi i have 3 kids, I kno you've read all types of stories so let me make it short,ive lived a hard life I've done my share of writing checks an I've actually got in trouble an done jail time I'm in debt with Oakland,st.Clair an macomb county really have warrants due to me fleeing on my probation an not paying my dues, but the system is made for you to fail an i couldn't be taken from my babies again so i just ran i want this to be over i wanna be free an live i can't get my license, section 8 or a good job cause I'm wanted but i don't have the funds to get me out thus mess I'm not a bad person I've just made bad choices an i guess they came back to hunt me cause Saturday me, my daughter, my sister an nephew witnessed a guy get shot in front of us an hit my car dead on we grabbed our kids an ran leaving Mt truck, purse, phone an everything behind first cause i was scared an second my name was messed up so the impounded it an now have a hold on it, I'm scared to talk to the police cause i was getting threatinh calls an I'm scared they gone arrest me,i really am down an out now been going threw hell Tryna pay my bills i dance but its only breaking even to take care of the house, my kids father are nowhere in sight I'm maintaining an doing everything myself but i would love nothing more but to get my name clean I've been outta trouble for about nine yrs now they only caught me two yrs ago cause i was pulled over an had warrants forget that truck, an material things i just want my name clear,please if you can help me in any kind of way it would be a blessing my dreams are to own my own restaurants soul food im 27 I'm trying to build something for my kids do but 45 i can retire im not trying to get in any trouble anymore just want my own name back Shauntae Rogan-hill that's all even tho gods been having me its hard maintaining physically in thus world just looking for a push,i won't let you down i promise jayceon :) #GodBlessYou #IJustWannaGrowAndGetMoney
  • lady_ola@whenarichniggawantyou would love to work with you and pitch some ideas
  • kellyrahel❤❤❤❤❤ @semheey
  • tresixteen@88l0ve88 daddy
  • aanishah1233I love you game
  • reallovegalLove this pic
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