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  • daniellebradberyJust a little preview of my 2013 only could fit so much 🙌....ups and downs but you have treated me pretty dang good along the crazy road! Happy New Years guys!! 🎉

  • soccerbrenleyI love that song
  • ash.egeMy brother is like IN LOVE WITH U! It's soo funny😂❤️❤️ but I loved u from the start! Somehow I knew u were going to win... Ur so amazing and pretty! ❤️🎀💚💜💙
  • potato_of_niall_1993Omg @taylorswift
  • potato_of_niall_1993😍😍
  • cassidiandbelleLive for u
  • jenny_garrettOMG!!!!! I saw you at the Blake Shelton concert in Tulsa Oklahoma you were AMAZING I love you VERY much that words can't even explain how much I love you!! You are my idol I know I am only 14 but I love you sooo much that you should my dreams come true because my dreams is that you to follow me that would make me VERY happy!! So please let my dreams come true and just to let you know I love you VERY much an I know I have already said that 3 or 4 times but I don't think you would if I said it again but seriously you are an AWESOME singer, you are lucky to be famous, and best of all you are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!! I love you and I really hope you respond to me and follow me I hope you enjoy reading this paragraph soo much, I also hope it means a lot to you!! @daniellebradbery
  • uhhhsara.bHey big fan
  • lauren.mathewsonyoure so beautiful!
  • jillbauerrAww thats so cool
  • bharris_10Her boyfriend looks like he's half devin tiley and logan lerman @s_dodddd
  • bugz_cali_girlI ❤️ u.U are my favorite voice singer
  • i_was_stephakoleDanielle Bradbery Rules
  • dgrc06@lfruiz4 de quien es esta cancion
  • lfruiz4No se @dgrc06
  • lfruiz4No se @dgrc06
  • lfruiz4No se @dgrc06
  • dgrc06@lfruiz4 preguntele a José please quiero saber
  • lfruiz4No sabe @dgrc06
  • dgrc06Does anyone knows what's that song please?
  • dgrc06@macamedinasilva Ya que me ayudaste con la anterior me podrías ayudar con esta?
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