Michigan hotel elevators. The nation follows us everywhere #SEAofBLUE
  • 43kadriMichigan hotel elevators. The nation follows us everywhere #SEAofBLUE

  • eggsauz🌀CUSTOM DICKEYS 4 SALE🌀 follow @dickeys4sale to stay warm and look fresh.
  • siciliano_leoU better not get traded ill slap up our GMs
  • _anishabatool^ true if he gets traded it'll literally be the end of the world please don't love u kadri ❤😘😍😻
  • luening_I'm in the same hotel!
  • brendyngibbs21^^you guys know that he doesnt get a say in if hes traded or not. Goodluck Naz!
  • adam_willis13Luv the leafs cant afford tickets though
  • erikmayer_Good luck my freind lol loved u standing up to crosby but i bet you guys hate that winter classic show but its finally done so you guys can get back to winning
  • niicopapaPlease don't get traded ...PERFORM
  • vijay_r16Good luck in the winter classic boys!
  • captn_eye_eyeNazim, please, for everything that is blue. Please shake it all off, whatever it is that's got you down. You got the skill, just start playing hockey. We need you & want you here. It's in your hands mate. Good luck. Blue blood forever.
  • sethxjonesPlease follow me Nazem!
  • hopps43Your so lucky
  • nourka92My husband Yousuf Soliman stayed at the same hotel. Amazing game, get back on that winning streak, boys! @jojos_88
  • tayylorbowmanOf corse we do ! 🔵⚪️
  • luceremitaI was at that hotel! Slept across the hall from phaneuf. #blueyearseve
  • mariaboutaka@radhikabassi follows you everywhere as well
  • mariaboutakaIn a good way
  • lovelyyblaze❤️❤️🍁🍁🍁 wow .. That's amazing how they do stuff like this.. ❤️🍁
  • evan.brecklesI was there
  • mumstergramyou do know that michigan is in america right
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