Great day in #Vail
  • joshkoscheckGreat day in #Vail

  • apavvyGet some of that fresh powder Bwaaaa!
  • sherby22"That's right ladies, this big"
  • papasince88I guess josh retired? He doesn't seem as hungry as he used to.. All these other fighters are posting their gyms or them in the middle of a work out and this guy is here just living ... Smh don't get me wrong that's nice and all but as a fan it makes me a little upset man especially with his last few fights
  • baltazar1234@papasince88 He's been losing a lot lately. His time as a top contender is over.
  • nichole_g@baltazar1234 @papasince88 both of you are retards. Let the man live !
  • minnie_rdz13I'm with you @nichole_g som
  • minnie_rdz13Some people just envy others.
  • thedurbskiAll he has done in the last 5 years is train, he's finally having a little break
  • mrsjessgSo what! Geesh after all, it's his life. He has his own gym, I'm sure he has enough money in his bank to do whatever the fuck he wants. God forbid he lives life lmao u people are idiots. @joshkoscheck enjoy every single day!!!!
  • haylee.hinson@joshkoscheck and @tiaira hope you guys are enjoying your trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!!! LIVE LIFE
  • ufcvicU guys in Colorado? Cool. Stop by Denver Kos...
  • tobyreidjohnsonNice!! Any pow?
  • baltazar1234@nichole_g Little sensitive there. I'm simply stating the facts. On the contrary, I've rooted for him many times especially against GSP + most recently Lawler. Soooo chillax girl + stop making something out of nothing.
  • baltazar1234@caseyhinson Oh tough guy on a bike. Eat shit douchebag + happy New Years to you + yours
  • baltazar1234@caseyhinson Whatever makes you happy
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