She's so mad at me I forgot the lollipop haha
  • sekella10She's so mad at me I forgot the lollipop haha

  • thebmitwAnd that's one of the million reasons why you're an awesome mom, @sekella10. Kudos!
  • danideboseShe's so pretty 😍
  • rainyshashe's adorable (:
  • ximartinIs she in baby ballerina classes? She's gotta have the dance genes from her mama 😃
  • tayluhhh2010@sekella10 I love that you haven't pierced her ears yet! My friend waited until her daughter asked so she could make the decision herself. :)
  • kait8linis she sitting in the stroller ?
  • brooke0528I'm doing the same thing with my daughter who is around the same age and everyone keeps trying to talk me into piercing them! Glad to see other people feel the same way I do @sekella10
  • sekella10@brooke0528 I didn't get my ears pierced Til I was 8 it helps teach kids responsibility, hygiene,
  • khloe0011@sekella10 she looks like you so much !!!!! Too cute 👯🎉
  • lilmiss_amandaI'm doing the same with my daughter! I had my ears pierced when I was a baby & an earring ripped out of my ear. I want my daughter to be old enough to ask me!
  • skyritzNot to mention, if you pierce them too early, the can move with the growth of her ears and turn out totally crooked. Also my baby lies on the side of her head when she sleeps so I would always be worried that she would be in pain from the studs... I don't judge moms who do it but I'm waiting until my daughter can tell me she wants them.
  • caitlynstifflerI wouldn't recommend getting ears pierced on little kids/toddlers. I used to work at a piercing shop and it was so sad when someone would bring in a little girl whose earring was ripped out and the scar on her ear from it happening and the stitches. So glad you're waiting! I can't imagine what those kids felt like when that happened (not that it's guaranteed to happen to every kid!)
  • meghanmarlottMy niece got them done at 4 months old She cries harder when she's hungry, she was over it very quickly, now they're healed and she looked too cute for Xmas!
  • meghanmarlottHope all goes well with your cutie!
  • franchescav86@sekella10 aww she is getting so big & she is precious
  • danii0601She's so beautiful! Bellie is your little twin in every way(: and you're the best mother and role model and when she gets older she'll look up to you in a lot of ways and the love you have for her will NEVER go away that's a fact. Your beautiful,outgoing,and have a great personality and you work hard and do whatever it takes to provide her not to mention to put a smile on her face. All these haters are just flat out assholes and they like to get you upset and like to see you cry,all you have to do is keep a smile on your face and ignore them because at the end of the day you have your loving family,beautiful daughter,great friends and lots of fans that care about you. Keep your head up gorgeous your so strong!☺️💗💞 @sekella10
  • xchelsbellsshe has Matt's eyes!
  • sexybaby22She's adorable God bless ❤️❤️
  • slimzillaaMannn she looks like your mom !!
  • bigjuicyvanI don't ear piercing of babies or toddlers. who says they want holes in their ears to hang ornaments from? let them be their own person.
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