We Ho Hard or we Go Home! #morehappiness
  • madonnaWe Ho Hard or we Go Home! #morehappiness

  • f.a.b.i91This is in Gstaad canton berne
  • norma2571They look alike
  • ctmaddyCute babies....
  • cutebarbiegotswaggU know how 2 do dat
  • geeksheek2020They r cute
  • donnamescobedoLol love that statement, stealin it
  • grdgtcxPlease God watch our these beautiful African kids and bless them to be freed from @madonna AMEN!
  • nonfiction.kitchenWhy didn't she hashtag this picture with #disnigga ? Stupid cunt.
  • melissaoxoxBeautiful
  • melanieandrewsxWhy didn't you use nigger in this hashtag Madonna??? I meant you yourself said it was a term of endearment
  • fee_munich💛🏁😍
  • mardeemartI find it very interesting that she does not have not one picture with both her kids and adopted kids in it. Ignorant racist fuck
  • lgood28Racist really are u people seeing what am seeing Madonna works so hard to help many different ethnic groups all around the world ❤️she has two African children who have the best life and opportunities that any child could dream of ! I think your the ignorant one for even suggesting such a thing ...when have you ever taken money out of your own pocket to make a difference to a persons life ? A beautiful selfless person will NOT be negative towards a another person who has done so much to help others so stop hating and ask yourself what am I doing to make a difference because if most of us are honest it's nothing #grow#up#get#a#grip
  • __nokkkkiiiiiiiWow.. nigger kids? Smmfh @michelllec1986 just die. I have no problem with white people using the word "nigga" as a term of endearment, but when you say niggER.. yeah, those are fighting words. #DIEBITCH
  • chucky_718@michelllec1986 U racist twat!!!...I click on ur page, u state ur canadian n a music lover, yet u following FarrahAbraham that did a porn for $$, Melissa Joan Hart n Liv Tyler, WHAT R U???......U wanna be american bigot?!?!....I did peep a picture comment DUMBASS, must I add that should be added to ur description!!....U dare u to come to New York and say the things U just said and tell me how ur day goes!...I think u should deleye ur I.G. and start fresh n in between grow a heart n stop spreading hateful things or as @__noki said..#DIEB*TCH
  • lilorfan_anShe adopted some kids and took them to very nice home where they can grow up off the streets in good schools...........These are her kids regardless
  • 45_living_babyIt goes to show you people truly dnt know the real an true Madonna
  • mrs.barker2015Ppl need to lighten up & live! Honestly most white ppl have some black blood in them nowadays anyways. There are more mixtures of race then it has ever been. More niggas penises has been stuck in The whole nation of America to where we're all just mutts anyways.... Lol..... I'm black & I understand completely on what @madonna was expressing. In this day there really isn't a pure black or white anymore. So get over it & let your nuts hang! Geesh
  • bguerareyes😘😘😘😘😘
  • kennedy.burrows@adakunwokiwu
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