Not gonna lie. Pretty cool playing black jack on myself!
  • chrisweidmanufcNot gonna lie. Pretty cool playing black jack on myself!

  • gannonhughesIm done talking to fags for the night so bye @chase_skates_
  • megatom_@chase_skates_ is a faggot
  • chase.martinnShut the fuck up you fat fuck. Yall mad cause you know silva will always be the best you just think cause chris got lucky twice that hes hard.
  • moto_702Dont worry if silva comes back weidman is fucked @chase_skates_
  • beau_tlmresearch@chase_skates_ lol gayyy
  • chase.martinnIm gay.? Look at your profile pic faggot hahaha.!
  • chase.martinnChad bro hollister wearin mother fucker haha
  • brandontoyy@chase_skates_ @motokid68 you guys show respect. Weidman is the champion now like ya I wanted him to lose then silva lost silva had lot of haters cause he was at the top and now Chris is at the top now and he is gonna have lot of haters but still show respect silva showed his respect to him
  • mlaurence123True^
  • chase.martinnI dont have respect because of how he won. If he would have k.o. silva clean instead of silva breaking his own leg, I would be real mad but I would accept it.
  • shafhcPlease make sure you fight vitor in the US
  • erricsanchez@chase_skates_ Silva didn't break his own leg ... You sound stupid. The reason why Silvas leg broke is because he through a hard kick and Chris checked it. That's a technique used my many MMA fighters to punish the person throwing the low Kick... Chris Weidman planned for the low kicks but I'm sure he didn't plan on breaking Silvas leg.
  • mikeyikuzoWell said @ercsanchez_ its a technique purposely used at good timing. Be honest that round 1 is dominated by weidman anywy
  • erricsanchez@mikeyikuzo exactly. The fight was over in the 1st. Everyone's saying he got lucky cuz his leg broke but no... Silva got lucky herb dean didn't stop in the first... Or actually.. It woulda been better if the fight was stopped in the first then Silvas leg wouldn't have broke..
  • e.j.valguna@chase_skates_ I'm gonna beat your ass first!
  • chase.martinnDamn your cool. I bet everyone looks up to your faggot ass. Haha bitch.
  • renanbauerfeldtFraco
  • victor_muzquiz_el_segundo@ejvalguna31 u wont do shit
  • can7.23People have no respect. Oh well, continue on your path to greatness Mr. Weidman, STRONG I stand up!
  • jcanada72Good job Chris. Keep it in the U.S.A...
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