Spending the afternoon signing a lot of shit. You'll get them within a week.
  • opieradioSpending the afternoon signing a lot of shit. You'll get them within a week.

  • fatboy933Can I get 20 free ones to sell on eBay? You'd be the man..
  • kriswisnewskiOpie..could that b a late Xmas present.....;). I've missed u guys..hope y'all enjoyed ur break.
  • tool0lootA lot of coin right there
  • jimmysicklesA telephone with wheels? What will they think of next?
  • nickeldean79@opieradio where can you get them again open? I would really like one. Happy New Year to you and your family
  • livingnbostonAIDZZZ Opie...AIDZZZ
  • debredkHow does one get a picture? They are nice...
  • troutjohnYou're so wonderful
  • nowaejoseCan you make a donation to the Opie Pictureless Kids of America Foundation? Your donation includes monthly updates of the joy an Opie signed pic brings to a lucky boy.
  • notorious_burkeJust ordered one. Can't wait til it arrives. @opieradio
  • resa1930I want one, that is beautiful!!
  • wrightontargetGreat shot, Opster!
  • funkinwesleyWhat are you getting for a signed baby phone?
  • jeremymyers43All proceeds go to The Human Fund.
  • cameldoggHow much for that pic signed? ;-)
  • raw_siennaSuuuuure
  • marcusind@opieradio how can i get one?
  • joeevansnjgimme one.
  • jdshipleyI would be proud to have one. How do I get it? (I'm not going down on Lady Di)
  • jz14rocksCan I have 1
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