Cat Boss wants Phil to take him serious.
  • peteholmesCat Boss wants Phil to take him serious.

  • jknitmaMy cat boss just wants her tummy rubbed :)
  • jenschlosserkindafunnySo, The New Yorker is already begging for you to come back?
  • peaceful_warri0rI don't have a boss named Phil.
  • 1h8I named my ex's new cat Phil Collins. Weird.
  • madamecat_7It kinda looks like a skinny version of Snarf from Thundercats. Lol
  • tousigtwat"Show me a 'Mortimer' under the age of 80..and I'll show you a hipster who changed his name"..I quoted this to my bros..credited -Dave Holmes
  • veryexciting@yoorei55
  • thuggnhow did u get your own show, im a comedian with a sketch comedy show idea?
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