I'm gonna eat you up! Good morning world!
  • itsbubzI'm gonna eat you up! Good morning world!

  • galaxy_hyungI could start a zoo.
  • malona_So cute
  • hajjiii_^ lol you guys overreact it's not even that big of a deal. And, to the girls arguing back to his racism using racist comments, um. Yeah you guys are just contradicting yourselves. There's one thing telling him to stop and insulting him as a person but there's no reason to insult black or white people or just an entire race in general.
  • fire_fox_sketchAwwwww chubby !!!
  • deanparilloThank you @hajibaji1
  • nnnnno447asians dont eat dogs ~end of argument~
  • nnnnno447the heck
  • xosmartypantsoxDon't eat the dog
  • emilyhandreka@that_blondie_lexi you guys broke up! Hah!:) @deanparillo
  • amberjsanquiif some other countries like Australia America etc eat meat Asians can eat meat too (I don't eat dog because I don't live in china where they do coming from a comment if you scroll up) if some people eat lamb, chicken and other stuff it's still considered as meat and we all know that dogs have meat in them so we're all good here.
  • naomistride@ambie_jaydeee she's not actually gonna eat it oh my god
  • amberjsanqui@naomistride I'm not dumb oh my god. There are people in the earlier comments saying that she's gonna eat the dog and saying shit about Asians and dogs and whatever. I'm just saying that anyone should have the right to eat anything they want to only if it's legal lol. it's kinda stupid that anyone would think that a person who is stating their opinion thinks that he/she thinks that bub's gonna eat the freaking dog.
  • deanparillo@soccer_girl_emily not over this ya bitch
  • iluvfigureskating18Why did u bite a puppy #wtf
  • ashley.ang@yirt @jiniscool NOT all asians eat dogs . it just depends on the country they are living in . I'm staying at Singpore, and its actually considered Animal Abuse if we eat Dog Meat . GAWD.
  • nnnnno447i wasn't saying asians eat dogs.. she did. gawd @witheredroses
  • ashley.angi mentioned you in the comment to just let you know. something wrong with that? rofl . @yirt
  • lxttle.loverit's called a joke @iluvfigureskating18
  • anxgie_I wonder if Chubbi tastes good?
  • tracy.canchola@magcon.o2l.life
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