#Knicks fall to Toronto despite 23 and 9 from @amareisreal.
  • nyknicks#Knicks fall to Toronto despite 23 and 9 from @amareisreal.

  • chocollate4meI still believe!
  • joseagonzalezWe are pathetic right now can't beat the Raptors guys omg
  • miguelocumaresOHHHHHH MARGOT
  • miles_chapman123@nyknicks should trade first round pick and a bench player for demar derozan
  • rillacrowleyWhere' done for the season
  • ebuck77@miles_chapman123 I swear all you kids went to the James Dolan School of Mediocrity. First-round picks are crucial to building a team and keeping it young and affordable in order to contend. Just because it's in the future doesn't mean they're not important. Look at how well THJ is doing, and he was 24th overall. You wanna give up a likely lottery pick AND another player for DeRozan?? He's not even all that, especially once he loses a step.
  • hmx_athletics7Your team is only as good as the sum of its parts.
  • hmx_athletics7The Knicks will need a top 10 PG, better shooting guard, and a guy like Serge Ibaka to seriously compete. MELO needs help. He can't do it alone.
  • hmx_athletics7Injuries have also really hurt the team's chemistry, making it hard to get into a normal flow on offense.
  • lucaa4229This season is over. Hard to watch games this season cause you know they're gonna blow it. Like the game against the Raptors on Friday. They were playing great all game then completely fell apart and blew it in the 4th quarter. Like really? Are we cursed...?!? Even if we improve and somehow limp into the playoffs because of the shit division we're in, we'll go against the Heat or the Pacers in the first round and lose in 4 or 5 again.
  • minion725@lucaa4229 no Carmelo means games like this
  • mike_da_awesomeI got tickets to Heat at Knicks but I'm selling the tickets because the Knicks suck so bad
  • harrison_99992 months and still don't have double digit wins SMH
  • imregabriel@lucaa4229 i think if the knicks improve, they're able to reach at least 5th place in the conference to avoid the heat or the pacers in the first round. Against the rest of the teams we have chances cause the eastern conference sucks.
  • itbe_losoBut that loss tho @fernandonyk
  • alex.volynskyWow just wow without carmelo there falling behind,
  • alex.volynskyTWICE IN A ROW !!!
  • robsonrodgs@djcirotavares eae se liga nesse insta
  • matt_vitali21@nyknicks please stop posting picks of the knicks loseing
  • josh5689Raptorss gonna win division by two games over nets and 10 over Knicks
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