• perfectlocksSo proud to see 3 of our 18" wavy virgin bundles on Miss California USA contestant @zabriella. Beautiful installation by @jovancesalon. Braid foundation by Jean, weave install by Leaishah @dreamlesscosmo and curl style by Ms.india. Thanks to all of you lovely ladies! 👏💋 #perfectlocks #plwavy #jovancesalon #bayareasalon #missusa #missca

  • tickle.me.lovelyI was hoping to see a better deal on New Years considering people would have more money now then Christmas! Can we get a 4 hour sale with 45% off please??? Thanks again @perfectlocks
  • perfectlocks@iam_quanysha I understand where you're coming from and we're so sorry to disappoint. However, if you are one of our regular customers you know that 45% is a first and a rarity. It was definitely a big hit but it can't happen very often unfortunately. That said, it will absolutely not be the last flash sale we'll have believe me! 25% is pretty consistent with what we usually do give or take 5 or 10%. 😘
  • ketlydHow can I keep the frizzy ness and keep the hair curled straightened @perfectlocks
  • perfectlocks@ketlyd HNY!! I'm sorry but I'm not sure I understand the que... You are looking to keep the hair frizzy? And you want it to hold a curl more?
  • ketlydIm sorry lol lose frizz keep the curl....I noticed when I flat iron it and go out it doesn't stay straight or when I curl it not only drops the curl but gets frizzy...
  • ketlydThe hair is beautiful I just want to be able to keep a style @perfectlocks I have the wavy
  • perfectlocks@ketlyd no problem, totally understand. The key is using the right products on the hair. Sulfate free shampoo, conditioner and leave in. Have you tried our vital hair care products? Are you a local customer?
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