It's so much easier to cope when yea right hand is wit u! @therealcsmith0
  • teamswishIt's so much easier to cope when yea right hand is wit u! @therealcsmith0

  • dillonverardoAnyone readying these comments now have proof as to why future generations are getting dumber every year^ is that even a sentence like have you re read this shit ahaha it makes no sense. You must be rich or some shit cause thats the only way anyone will take you seriously now and in the future @therealmatastic
  • itsburrberryPractice makes perfect u know this , less Fuckups #Focus ! @teamswish
  • dillonverardoIm in university? And honour* role doesnt mean jack shit for a 13 year old you think higher education cares about how well you did learning the abc's? Schools pass kids like you on purpose so they dont need to deal with you. I know your type all talk on the internet probably a cocky pussy in real life.. and shouldnt you be in bed? Dont you have school tomorrow? Dont wanna miss the bus right;)? And allowance doesnt count as having money either @therealmatastic
  • t2mafiaHi handsome
  • juleeza__Can i kiss you just once in my life? 🙈lol
  • ajrothenberg@dillonverardo this is historical u just burned is sorry ass in the last post hahah
  • dillonverardo@ajrothenberg thanks bro! I do what i can pretty much summed up his whole life in one post and it was so good he couldnt even answer;) but love the support thanks dude
  • ajrothenbergYeah you did and he was too burned to answer ha! Np anytime @dillonverardo
  • buzzard_8@teamswish your the man I've loved you forever man just wanted to let ya know haven't commented to let ya know but I just bought your nike id kds just know your my favorite player
  • mostbaddbitchaliveLove them lips can we kiss one day
  • imkeepinitrealAlways true to yourself love that man!!!! @teamswish !!!
  • parris_monroeTrue
  • johnnybonanniThat yungin baked
  • elisabel1204😍😍
  • ilovesomeone24Hi I want to meet u so bad I'm Melissa
  • ilovesomeone24I'm 11 years old and I play basketball
  • jay.jay_77Go see my page
  • marleytheboss@teamswish who I contact 2 booking 2 host events
  • lisa_mercedesOr maybe u don't remember ... @teamswish lol
  • cindy_washingtonCan I be the left. Lol
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