Fucking INSANE crowd at the UFC 168 weigh ins!
  • joeroganFucking INSANE crowd at the UFC 168 weigh ins!

  • robinbossplayerLooks crazy!
  • rez667I hope Ronda gets that smirk knocked off her hypocrite face
  • serfsupnMmmm mmmm bitch
  • miken_cali__@fatal1ty67 every champ was disliked. Anderson Silva for dancing and faking not knowing english. Cain Valasquez for being racist for his tattoo. Bj Penn for being lazy and a complainer. GSP for not finishing. The list goes on and on. People are never satisfy with just having good fights to watch.
  • king_pink@lorenzoivxx TRUE STORY... Jersey ain't about that life
  • cori_la#teamtate #teamEmotionallyStable
  • tedwardoesHella quick rematch on this card. Seems like Silva's unhappy with not being champion at the moment, or Dana is giving Silva his last chance to prove he is still the best in that weight class.
  • mafaust13Ure all morons joe rogan doesnt have time for us!!!
  • mafaust13Also Silva in rd 1
  • decio_ahPOWERFUL
  • dmcalisterWho would have thought this was coming http://youtu.be/yuXbyeCggiw
  • meghans.igSo much fun
  • helljorgeBone loss due to steroid usage or old age? @joeroganexperience
  • shafferfit_5@helljorge steroid usage? Haha idk what the fuck is going through your head if you think he's been using steroids lol they get tested randomly for that shit all the time and he's never been rumored for that. This isn't the WWE. This is a real sport!
  • helljorgePast steroid usage and old age cause Brittle bones. @jiujitsunerd8168
  • shafferfit_5It's the way Weidman checked the kick. Nothing to do with Silvia's body being broken down by past substance abuse. If you've ever been checked like that when you throw a leg kick, even with shin pads on, you would understand. This is not the first time it's happened to someone. Happens in Muay tai and also happened in MMA one time before too. Nothing about PED use. It's the person checking the leg kick. @helljorge
  • helljorgeYeah it hurts like hell. From the tape it looked like it hit the side of weidmans leg. Never seen it before in Muay Thai or MMA. It looked like it was on the side of Weissman's knee. In slow mo it looks like he had some bone loss. @jiujitsunerd8168
  • helljorgeWeidman @jiujitsunerd8168 damn spell check haha
  • mik3humphrey@helljorge you really think he took roids lol please go get leg checked
  • stephenxsteelburgPowerful!!
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