• mj_higinioLoveeeeeee
  • tomwawnik_photographyCute!
  • fernandinhaleite❤️🙆💐👏👏👏👏💋
  • lipstickmacabrePerfect.
  • cnnryng@laurengasperlin of course she has!
  • sugar_spice_arsenic@oddpowder @barrynibbles79 @dontdieb4fcukingthem I have this on vinyl!
  • sugar_spice_arsenic@dontdieb4fcukingthem @barrynibbles79 I get told I look like her, & I can never decide how I feel about that. On the one hand, she's one of the most pioneering women in music & I admire her hugely. She paved the way for riot grrrl & female punk rock bands & I am a long-term fan. On the other hand, I don't consider her hugely attractive most of the time, & while that doesn't matter to me as a music fan, it does if I'M being likened to her looks-wise! I often think she's quite masculine looking (& dressing) & that's cool in many ways, & again was an element that set her apart from so many of her contemporaries, but it wouldn't be the look that I strive for personally. I admire artists who play with the stereotypical ideas about gender, & I liked her androgynous style, but cool though the masculine thing is on HER, it's not at all how I consider MYSELF to look or dress, so it challenged some of my ideas about how I am perceived, & in spite of admiring Patti Smith so much, I wasn't sure a resemblance was entirely a compliment! Having said that though, this particular album cover is one of her more delicate, effeminate ones, & although it didn't get the critical acclaim for the artwork that her stark Horses album cover had, this one is a personal favourite for me. Plus it's an amazing record Xx
  • nathabrahams79I would say the same thing, there is a familiarity but you are more feminine. It is strange to be compared to someone. I have been in the past but found it uncomfortable @sugar_spice_arsenic
  • sickness.unknown@sugar_spice_arsenic I agree with the dudes @barrynibbles79 and @dontdieb4fcukingthem :)
  • el__wood❤️forever
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