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  • tmobileRun through sprinklers with the #XperiaZ1s from @sony, only available on the #uncarrier! #CES2014

  • mr_carter.inc@tmobile when will it be available?
  • tmobile@mrdize Sony Xperia Z1s on January 22 with a web pre-sale starting January 13
  • nissichaWow I've been with @tmobile for five years #breakthrough
  • theeshanicebDo you really pay the termination fee is we switch over? @tmobile
  • tmobile@iamshaniceb Yes. We will cover up to five total lines, which can be a combination of tablets and mobile phones. For tablets, we will cover your ETF up to $350 per mobile Internet line when you trade in your device. And give you up to $300. on your device trade in.
  • iceberg74dstSo let me get this straight- You're paying fees for others but loyal customers can't get functioning phones AND get tricked into extended contracts???
  • iceberg74dstFoolishness.
  • tmobile@iceberg74dst We value our customers and, in the spirit of un-carrier, are providing a path for them to take advantage of this offer. T-Mobile customers can have their migration fee waived when they move to a Simple Choice plan.
  • tmobile@vel_jackie Yes it is. What phone are you rocking?
  • tr1n1d0n😑
  • jmohsen2@tmobile when is Android 4.4 coming out on the galaxy s4
  • eliart_I love being part of the tmobile team!! We really offer valuable products and affordable prices ! 😙😙😙 #tmoteamsrock
  • tmobile@vel_jackie We love you too!
  • stopverizonwirelessIs jump plan free for me I have the t-mobile advantage plan (cooperation discount)?
  • stopverizonwireless@tmobile
  • christie_thestylistI HATE Tmobile. I will never recommend them to anyone. You guys only take advantage of your customers and steal their money. And your service is horrible. I've had what's support to be an awesome phone Iphone5s but because I made the mistake and got Tmobile service has made me wanna break my phone with a hammer. What is the point of me paying all this money if my internet hardly works. And every time I call you guys give me the run around. So disappointed and will never in my life recommend you to anyone! You guys are nothing but liars!!! @tmobile @tmobile @tmobile I can't stress how much I HATE you guys and your service!!!!
  • tmobile@christie_thestylist We want you to be happy with your service. We have an awesome support team that would like to look into this for you. Can you email us at TForce(@)T-Mobile(DOT)com with your name, summary and phone#
  • realistbaltiI love tmobile I get an average of 17mb down and 5 mb up and I've maxed out at 45lte while hotspot ting hell I've played my Call of Duty on my Xbox using my phone as a hotspot. You guys have really improved your service since last time I had you as my network provider. Now if only you supported blackberry then I'd be in heaven. And by support I mean regular updates and carrying the Z30.
  • tmobile@realistbalti Thank you for the shout out! We love you too!
  • i_am_miguel_I like tmobile u guys have all the new stuff
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