It-model @FeiFeiSunSun makes this season's party looks her own in the latest Enchanted Evenings issue of #THEEDIT
  • netaporterIt-model @FeiFeiSunSun makes this season's party looks her own in the latest Enchanted Evenings issue of #THEEDIT

  • lulurooroo@littlemydyson I agree with you! Although a lot Asians are really naturally slimmer, but a lot of them are also affected by the standard of society which I think it's quite sad! When I'm in china, most of what I heard from girls are-- oh no, I'm too fat, I need to loose weight! It's like a constant fight for us with weights. Cause the society thinks the thinner the better. And I used to go down that road, it Ain't pretty...
  • lulurooroo@littlemydyson and also I think it get a lot of things to do with woman's level in society. Like Asia, Russia, men are still the 'ruler', well, subconsciously women try to adopt the ideal view of women from men where I think Russia's even worse. So women try really hard to get slimmer and slimmer at the risk of health, and just to become sex targets. And yet women did not notice that, on the contrary enjoying themselves very much...
  • k6yenThere is slim and there is bony.. she nay not have an eating disorder but its the first thing I think of looking at this image. What a shame to be promoting this as beautiful. Disappointing!!!
  • christina_uoy@sylviashen1 陈鲁豫
  • alicecathryndyson@lulurooroo Yeah I have friends who are naturally very slim and there's nothing wrong with that but I do think it's slightly irresponsible when companies use underweight (or overweight) models to promote their brand. Especially when images can so easily be airbrushed or otherwise distorted. Anorexia, bulimia and morbid obesity are all health conditions which sadly effect the health of many wonderful women around the world and I wish we celebrated the deeds of women more than just what they happen to look like.
  • andrea_brzezniak@mariachmarotta parecido al tuyo no?!
  • mariachmarottaSi... Yo pense lo mismo... Le queda muy apretado no? @andreabrz
  • andrea_brzezniakmuitu @mariachmarotta
  • thefunny_butterflyMediterranea girl
  • dianediaz@carlabiancalim are you saying I look like her? 😂😂😂
  • arominaz💗💗💗
  • feliciazivkovic@stitchapoo @sevenyearitch this dress
  • carlabiancalim@dianediaz 👌😂😂😂
  • dailystyleinspo💜
  • quotescoutureSo classy👌
  • patyotkthere are some asians not all* that can be thin forever, it really depends, she's tall also and probably don't eat carbs that white plp full themselves with.
  • tiger2046dragonLove her
  • millie_zmlBorn to be model !!!
  • tekokuNice dress with beautiful color! So refreshing in the middle of "winter color" 😍
  • nomihodai@paodso I don't know any Chinese who doesn't eat carbs... We are kinda conscious about weight too, but not as much as girls in the US... We don't treat ourselves too harsh in diet!
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