Spiritual Stone of the Forest ?
  • therealgrimmieSpiritual Stone of the Forest ?

  • error_invalid_user_error_errorChristina you inspire me to be me thank you so much :) you'll always be my hero I look up to you so much and no matter what stay strong stay true stay beautiful stay you :) I love you I pray to be like you some day
  • astrodamussSeriously the prettiest girl ever 💗💕
  • misstarlizouNO WAY!!!
  • 3law_410you are the singer from youtube right?
  • linkmax64Too perfect! I love you so muchxxx You're my idol <3
  • alyssalynch25I sent you a direct message.. Maybe take a look at it? I understand if you don't. Thank you! :)
  • najammalikMost beautiful girl.i love ur songs and by the way this is the best picture
  • excepty你最有味哒
  • ___cassiee_I'm so glad u sing because no matter what if I'm sad happy or something else I always listen to u I love ur voice u just make me feel better when I'm sad or if I'm happy u make me happier thanks so much for singing and im listening to u right now like no joke UR A HUGE INSPIRATION
  • okjenavieveOMG your so pretty
  • checheretomapretty
  • demshotsthoher eyes look like they have different shades :)
  • zcout_@idk559
  • jennajovii😱👸
  • angus.gibbyHey Christina. I no u probably not gonna read this. But I want u 2 no that when I heard your music I was amazed. You have inspired me to play the piano and I have now found my hidden talent. When I listen to your music I am confident. I listened to it before I went in to the world championships in karate (I was selected by the England squad to compete) and before I went on I listened and now I'm world champion. Thanks ily ❤️
  • u686@mbark_32 فيه شبه من منو ؟
  • olivia.grace.jorveI listen to your music everyday..like over and over again..it adds a bright spot to them (: my absolute favorite cover that you did was Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars. I could listen to it all day (: you are truly an inspiration to me. You have given me the courage to sing in front of people. I use to be just like you..and I would only sing in my room..or in the shower..but now I sing all the time..everywhere..in the car..In the store..and school..everywhere! Thank you so much Christina. You're a true inspiration and my role model (:
  • haley.riceomg my cousin went to high school with you!! she is 20 and went to Cherokee high school!!
  • gameescloudRest in peace, angel😭😭
  • dnialhfzRest in peace
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