Our family had a wonderful Christmas together! I must have been good Santa gave me a Beretta PX4 Storm.
  • nikkihaleyOur family had a wonderful Christmas together! I must have been good Santa gave me a Beretta PX4 Storm.

  • satchito@efenguppy ... Or the gift of killing.
  • billyd1986@nikkihaley Great choice, really comfortable in my opinion. If you believe in the second amendment, stand your ground. Don't let a pathetic group of pansies ruin your fun.
  • uplandbahzCongrats on the Storm @nikkihaley you will like it!!
  • efenguppy@satchito....your right...because everyone with guns kill. My bad.
  • satchito@efenguppy my right.
  • jrstoeltingNice. I'm jealous.
  • tommygun_rivalslucky you!
  • efenguppyNew York....figures!
  • ericmbaconPurely political.
  • dragonfiremdBeautiful!!!
  • bayhuntrLook who's running for office. "Hey Tea Party, I did this so you would vote for me ...and ignore all the other policies that I'm going to f... you over with!"
  • el_eternauta_Lovely!
  • robunkusCongrats Nikki!!! Be safe and have a happy new year!!
  • robunkusI see several comments full of hatred. Some people should do better research on guns. Perhaps ones with such ignorance shouldn't have guns any way lol
  • nanodouglassNice!
  • patrickholt913Have the same gun. You will love it.
  • chrisashtonAs discussed, @ajf396. Love it.
  • joshua.abernathyy@jffribeiro God forbid anyone ever break into your house, and try to hurt you or your kids of you have them, but how will you protect you and your kids if they do? Will you jump in front of the guy wanting you dead to save your kids? Of corse you would, but once your out of the way what's going to stop him from killing your kids next? Nothing will because you never had a gun in the first place to stop him! You protect your family your way and we'll protect ours our way. Plus, it didn't matter what country you live in or who owns a gun or not there will always be a criminals. It's part of nature, nature that we allowed to enter the world in the beginning, so yes Jesus wouldn't mind a gun for a Christmas present. Don't bring Jesus into this if you don't know the facts. Saying guns kill people is like saying "my spoon made me fat." It's not the object but the one in control.
  • joshua.abernathyyIf you don't live in America then why would you care about the so called "idiotic amendment" worry about your own government. @jffribeiro
  • scooterj72Wow. Just...wow. Is this the same type of gun that was used to massacre nine people in their church yesterday? So cool! You're a true Patriot! Jesus is really proud of you! He'd be all over packing that heat! #bloodonyourhands @nikkihaley
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