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  • abenaatheyuruguslayer@pheonixhidden
  • reembayoud@abenaabandele oh okay. I guess we can forget about the centuries of research and countless academic sources that say the ancient egyptians were brown and just listen to some random delusional girl on commenting on instagram....
  • abenaatheyuruguslayerCheikh Anta Diop, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. BEN,ASHRA Qwesi Dr. ASA Hiliard, Dr. John G. Jackson and Chancellor Williams already proved the Ancient Egyptians were in fact Afrikan. @reembayoud
  • abenaatheyuruguslayerYour late little girl. You nor your kind is originally from the Nile Valley. I notice how you overlook the Dogon of Mali when I mention them 😎
  • reembayoud@abenaabandele yeah and the rest of the scientific community disagrees with them and their work has been heavily critiqued
  • abenaatheyuruguslayerNo one can their works especially Cheikh Anta Diop and Chancellor Williams who both have over 50yrs combined research in Kemet's history @reembayoud
  • reembayoud@abenaabandele lmao yes they can
  • abenaatheyuruguslayerYou can't and I can tell you really don't know much about Ancient Kemet. Good bye peasant. Have fun playing make believe. You are an invader.
  • abenaatheyuruguslayer@reembayoud
  • reembayoud@abenaabandele lmao invader of what 😂 im not white or arab bye
  • abenaatheyuruguslayer@reembayoud you're not Negroid and your bloodline goes back to europe.
  • reembayoud@abenaabandele You can have your opinion on the topic and I can have mine but we'll never know which is correct bc none of us were alive then. It doesn't even matter so anyway I just wanted to make it clear that I wasn't being racist in any way and that just 2 weeks ago I got banned from instagram for a week for calling out a white girl on her racism towards black people. The point is, tyga is using ancient egyptian culture to make money and some egyptians are naturally getting offended bc their culture is a part of their identity and it's completely understandable that they wouldn't want it appropriated (just like madonna is using mlk and nelson mandela to sell her albums).
  • abenaatheyuruguslayerNo I am speaking facts. Ancient Egyptians are Black Afrikans. The people in Egypt today are pale invaders and do not share Ancient Egyptians' culture so they shouldn't be offended. Tyga isn't misappropriation their culture, this isn't their culture @reembayoud
  • abenaatheyuruguslayer*misappropriating
  • reembayoud@abenaabandele okay I was obviously trying to end this argument on a good note not try to start a whole new one. It is your right to have an opinion and it's also my right. I just wanted to clarify that my opinion is not based on institutionalised racism. I hope you have a great day. bye.
  • reembayoud@catherinehwilliam stop omg
  • reembayoud@catherinehwilliam ma ba2 bedde itkhana2 ma3a biddeh khalas minna ma ba3 te7kiya
  • aj_boss13_You changed it into a toilet so does he still like it
  • 1bln_crzyMy baby!!!
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