Happy Birthday Jesus! #makeawish #reasonfortheseason #love
  • oclydiaHappy Birthday Jesus! #makeawish #reasonfortheseason #love

  • walsh1989Jesus's birthday is Christmas @brandensmomma12
  • mandabayyThis is so cute ☺️ @oclydia
  • jennmarie99Oh wow I just love this.
  • jasminehuberI thought my family was the only family that baked a cake for Jesus on this day!
  • realhousewives101Yummy
  • iamchanel1988Changing the bible @mrsneil and @ brandensmomma12? Good luck. Special place for you people!
  • iamchanel1988@brandensmomma12
  • iamchanel1988HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!
  • _nesha3That is so cute!
  • _nesha3And thoughtful.
  • artloverxxAwwww ur so amazing! U just brought so many childhood memories. The true meaning of Christmas! Happy birthday baby Jesus.!
  • thekmariesEarly Christians changed the time of year they celebrated Jesus's birth to align more with the pagan holidays. It made the transition to Christianity easier for the masses!
  • shellyinsandyeggo@a_peace_of_bri @iamcocochanel1988 read up before making yourself look foolish, instead of all knowing. First like on Google.. http://www.ucg.org/bible-faq/when-was-jesus-christ-born-was-jesus-born-december-25-christmas-day
  • shellyinsandyeggo*link
  • bronbutsYah records indicate jesus wasnt born in december nor was he born in bethlehem!
  • drummie68@mrsneil knowing when Jesus was actually born does not make you a "true Christian" - why can't people just learn to love each other and not pick apart the unimportant things?
  • peachesnciderSo someone picked a random day, and it's today. We all know it wasn't his actual birthday, but mehhhh, let it go. It's arbitrary.
  • a_peace_of_briNo one's looking foolish over here?! I have Him in my heart and an immense amount of faith!! @shellyinsd Also, there's no need for me to "google" Jesus, lol that's ridiculous/hilarious!! ...I OWN A BIBLE!!!!! :D
  • joferguson22I am sure Lydia already knows that 25 Dec is not Jesus' actual birthday (nobody knows the exact date as it's not recorded anywhere, incl the bible) - it's simply the date that Christians have chosen to celebrate His birth. And choosing to celebrate Jesus' birthday with a birthday cake is such a fabulous idea! Love it!
  • alexis_bellinoLove the cake! We do that too!! What it's all about! XO
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