HUGE day of NBA Basketball! Which games and players are you looking forward to watching today? #NBAXmas
  • footlockerHUGE day of NBA Basketball! Which games and players are you looking forward to watching today? #NBAXmas

  • orrwhat1@coachsaad first I need hair implants now I need a haircut. I knew you were confused. Take some more roids and stay angry and stupid. Your the bomb. And guess what I bet you still didn't get those shoes for ya bro.
  • maddrea1989The knicks need to fire mike Woodson & make some big trades
  • owencastanerSPURS
  • joggers_king_jaybulls is the shit
  • 6___godsheats
  • ali.abinassif22rockets
  • itsyourboii_moBulls
  • trvpstar.niithunderrrr
  • tarmonaterLakers
  • j_real614Your game is poop Anthony
  • leopis_17Chicago
  • djsogreat@footlocker will the yeezys be released tomorrow?
  • cali__kid12Warriors #allday
  • juvegarcia7All
  • _a.l.ex_Everything
  • _a.l.ex_But mostly the Brooklyn nets v.s the Chicago bulls
  • yeezyyeeWow! I can't believe how horrible footlocker online is! I recently had my FOURTH shoe order cancelled for no damn reason! Each time, it's 'we're sorry we don't know what happened and we do pit in measures in order to not happen again.' BS!!! No one is willing to help. They offered to give me a $25 gift card???? That won't even cover half the cost that I will need to pay to have my shoes. Online are not guaranteed in your cart until payment is, when I do enter credit info AND get a order confirmation...doesn't that mean I am now guaranteed my pair!!!??? These people who run online and warehouse have no clue on customer service. A escalated to a manager Michelle K. and she even told me to maybe think about buying somewhere else because she doesn't know what happened to my order!!???? Wow. I just believe no one can come up with any options to help fix what I have been thru 4 times. I came up with a option to fix this but I'm sure no one at Footlocker would help. So, I guess I will need to go onto social media to let others know about how shady this is. I bet sending a email to Ken Hicks and the rest of the board members won't even fix my issue. Have a good day foot locker.
  • khalildoeDamn 👌👆 I had the same issues @yeezyyee
  • davidcohenentebi21Go heat is better than others
  • brycewayburn@yeezyyee i ordered a pair of what the kobe 8 and they sent me the wrong ones and all i received was a simple sorry
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