Merry Christmas! XX
  • heatherdubrowMerry Christmas! XX

  • lexivera4It's a tree people get over it! Beautiful family!
  • lexivera4Omg you people act like her family is murdering a person in this pictures it's a happy picture of a family in pjs! I'm sorry but I don't see them having a full on bible reading and walking around with rosaries! It's pjs!!
  • suepeterson2@lexiv323 Would u wonder, just a little, if your Catholic friends dressed in Chanukah pj's, surrounded by a bunch of Menorah's with candles lit, playing the game of Dreydel, and Chanukah decorarions all around? Of COURSE you'd question their actions. Weird. Just weird, NOT cute.
  • suepeterson2@amyliz523 See the comment I just posted above. :-)
  • amyliz523@suepeterson2 yup! :-)
  • heatherdubrowReally??? @suepeterson2 ? Ridiculous . Just a loving family enjoying all things holiday. Lighten up. #tolerance #letpeoplecelebratethewaytheylike
  • xrayjng@heatherdubrow why waste any energy on ppl like @suepeterson2 . Beautiful pic
  • juleslewis5Beautiful! A lot of my Jewish friends celebrate Christmas. Kids are too cute!
  • heathermilliganMy name is heather too
  • michelles_8Cute photo!!
  • thetoffeetwinsLove !!!!
  • heatherdubrowHey @littlelulu424 we made the challah for " break the fast" at our friends house. I'm completely educated and had a bat mitzvah. The editing of the show makes things look different sometimes. Hard to live under a microscope . Try not to judge. Happy new year to you and yours.
  • zenachickyWow in the world we live in today,we have poor people living on the streets, soldiers fighting a war, addicts suffering, and some of these people are bashing this women for sharing her loved ones on a picture???? I'm really baffled! Next you will be saying I'm evil because I'm Scottish and don't like or eat haggis! Get a grip women! She is trying to make best of everything, which is honorable! End of rant #sorrynotsorry, happy holidays @heatherdubrow xxxx
  • eliemah24@heatherdubrow I tried sending ur rep an email regarding a Chabad house that was just bought out for the UC irvine Jewish community, they need funding especially at such a vital time to help continue their projects, I thought you should know since you have a successful Jewish family in the OC area and could be a great resource
  • randycohen918@elleema2 maybe if the Chabad put up a Christmas tree @heatherdubrow would be interested. She seems to care more about her fan base than her roots. I wouldn't count on her support.
  • mishymacLove this :) my sisters and I still buy our family matching Xmas Eve pjs! Such a fun tradition .. They're adorable
  • 223344elAww
  • krystina_p@beachisme I love how dorky this is! :)
  • beachismeI do too! @krystina_p let's do this for Xmas haha
  • mchllaziziUm, you're Jewish. Way to keep the faith.
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