BE HAPPY!!! 😁 YOLO lol
  • unclejg8BE HAPPY!!! 😁 YOLO lol

  • jackrenz_@bethanyriga_
  • bethanyriga_Awe😘😍 @jrenz0808
  • butta_kreemSo fkn tru
  • brendan_731Sup good luck in UR next game
  • bryce_womackCan I have your autograph when I come to the game on the 24th
  • bryce_womackJeff Green is the best player on the celtics
  • jordan.mclinJEFF GREEN!!!!!!!! I'm ur biggest fan!!!! I'm not even kidding!!!!!!!!! Ur the best player in the nba u could beat Lebron!!!! Ur amazing!!! I'm coming to watch u play on January. 24 for my birthday!! Stay beast at basketball!!!! I wish famous people would answer fans tho:/ anyways, ur awesome!!!!!:):):) Jeff green please send me a message back;) oh god I could go on and on about u, ur such an inspiration to me in life and basketball. All I do in my life is basketball. It is the only thing I like, the only thing I do. And u keep my going. U inspire me. I practice everyday and I am really good , I want to be just like u when I'm older. I u prob won't read this or answer it cuz so many other people say the same thing. But I'm ur biggest fan, I hope I meet u or get an autograph from u or something. Keep up the great work and inspiration:):):):):): @unclejg8 - Sinceraly, Jordan. (I was named after mj but I wish I was named after u:))
  • ryan_c35What happened today man
  • natalia.vegaHi you probably talk to millions of fans but I just wanted to let you know that u are also a huge inspiration when it comes to basketball I always wanna be like u and think what you would do. U probably won't respond back but I just wanted to let u know that u r an inspiration to lots of kids like me - Natalia Vega from Milton MA
  • jsullivan_32Wow
  • j_gatto26@unclejg8 am a huge fan can u please follow me
  • andrewnilsen12^ @_nataliavega_
  • natalia.vegaWat @anilsen11
  • andrewnilsen12I was referring to your comment up there 👆 @_nataliavega_
  • natalia.vegaOohh haha @anilsen11
  • sbbaby1So TRUE
  • treec37Just seeing you in flesh would make me explode from happiness (you are that cool)
  • amber_carverlovesuI will
  • nicolewychelleIndeed
  • halohal0@sjarifinganief
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