Tis the season to be jolly! I love Christmas at the beach with baby girl @rileyburruss!!!! 🎄🎁🎅
  • kandiTis the season to be jolly! I love Christmas at the beach with baby girl @rileyburruss!!!! 🎄🎁🎅

  • scorpionqueen_73You're a great person and mother
  • michellefitz10Beautiful 😊
  • tonya_isuniqueLove you guys!!! Such a humble lady! Tell ma to stop it tho 😁!
  • taniavakianI love you with red hair the most @kandiburruss !! Bring it back 👌
  • owonamakpanmkpukWould u lyk chat wit mee kandi...follow mee... U guys luk Kul at the pix
  • chrissybee47A Special Love♡♡♡♡♡
  • mrskimberly1Mommy,her baby girl lol
  • cervancholaI a housewife fan of all the shows, I do like your story and im praying for a happy ending. I know you prolly wont read this but your a great mom, a beautiful person inside n out, very talented and very smart n strong almost too strong for this game called life. You have more things coming at you then you coud ever imagine. But you always smile, brush off ya shoulders and keep it going. Just cause your on tv doesnt make you have super powers, your just as human as I am. I pray for your stuggles and happiness as others pray for mine. Good luck to you and your family with all that comes your way in the fabulous 2014! Staybright, stay focused and stay gold ponyboy lol !!
  • cervancholaOops* im a
  • growithcg@kandiburruss hi kandi! Would you like to host a wrap party with you and your friends? I can come to Atl and we can tighten, tone and firm! 😁
  • karryngtons_kickin_kancerPlease post a prayer shout out for my son he is 1years old and has cancer. Please and thank you
  • genyuscollectionsSo pretty without all that makeup
  • chrissybee47@kandiburruss #BESTMOMAWARD
  • 48years_virtuous_womanMy prayers for your baby just went up as my family is going through my great nephew he is 2 years old fighting brain cancer its so scarey God is able to heal them be encouraged
  • sasha_labella_soulU look just as young as riley keep it up boo
  • sosa_brickLol
  • _princess_girlygirlwhat beach do yall go to
  • kwaykway_@kandiburruss the twins. A beautiful intelligent woman with her beautiful young lady
  • alcornklyeyou even look beautiful with no makeup gorgeous woman!
  • jo6347She got so big ❤️💋😘
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