Gift certificate for Christmas from Nathan! $100 at Kay Jewelers!
  • j_evans1219Gift certificate for Christmas from Nathan! $100 at Kay Jewelers!

  • kaylercouture@hiphop_baby03 her bracelet isn't pandora. It's an off brand. Still cute though
  • bbqsarahHe gave you a coupon for Christmas! How romantic. 😳
  • latinadollx0@adriannabel please tell me your kidding I know many real men who pay a part of the ring & then have payment plans & pay amounts of $$ each month!! That doesn't define who they are as a person n that's terrible you feel sucha way! You're clearly one of those stuck up "women" who's standards are extra! N men don't like that shit! WOW! With a LO on the way her fiancé is smart for doing a payment plan rather than paying all $ up front! My farther is a real man 100% he has his own bussines & a porch and other cars :) my mom even had her own bussines as a party planner! My dad is a real man n takes care of his family! He got my mom an expansive ass ring n 20years later another one a brand new wedding ring & earrings just to be romantic! He chose to do a payment plan :) it's smart n doesn't mean he's not a real man! You're stupid I feel terrible for anyone who dates your low pathetic selfish ass
  • kaleealexissBragging much ^?? Haha
  • miss.euphoriaWho cares what your dead beat sperm doner gave you. Where's the gifts for HIS daughter? #Pathetic
  • adriannabelxoxoHaha that's a gift card not a payment plan. And $100 won't get much at a jewelry store that was my point. Call me old fashion but if I get a gift from a man I don't want to have to pay half or more for it.. Oh and thanks for sharing your whole life story was a great read please go to hell you dumb bitch @crunchymomma24 everyone is entitled to have an opinion thanks
  • mynameissharkeishaBusiness*
  • raicoop@adriannabel He got her other presents too... Plus, the $100 could get her a charm for the bracelet he got her, so she's not necessarily having to pay for half of her present. You may hate Janelle but her boyfriend didn't do anything wrong cause he only gave her $100 on top of the other expensive items.
  • rejost@adriannabel not everyone can spend over 100 on gifts, that's A LOT of money for a gift in my opinion.
  • aislinaustereChristmas isn't even about presents so whole your all arguing on her Instagram over her boyfriend being cheap or not I'm sure she's off enjoying her gifts and paying no mind to the fucking peanut gallery that's probably constantly annoying the shit out if her
  • aislinaustereWhile*
  • laporsha15Yall need leave @j_evans8209 alone she happy so wh,y can't yall be happy for her damn ..
  • alicia_newmannThey have a baby on the way? So his $100 gift was more than enough in my opinion.. sorry not everyone has money to throw down, especially when you're young and have a child, and another baby on the way! Leave her alone @j_evans8209
  • angeeelllcYOU stupid bitches just criticize her in smallest shit ever it sure does make y'all fucking stupid & YOU GUYS ARE STUPID DUMB FUCKS for criticize things she do. You guys are dumb shit and got no life but hate. Just because you guys don't have a life but criticize just shut your mouth. If I knew you guys personally I will send all you guys to hospital because you guys need mental help !
  • paintblush_fxI don't know what y'all are bitching about . 100$ can go pretty far at a jewelry store. My wedding ring - that I got to pick out - was 100$ . I'm nt a fancy girl so 100$ was enough for me.
  • healthyherbalifestyle_12Youuuu have to come when there is a huge sale janelle
  • giovanna_hmu@mrshunter07 follow*
  • nananas59That's not enough for me I would of been insulted he should of maybe just gave her the money foreal
  • queen_ofallgoddessyou people need to grow the fuck up an leave her an her life alone damn
  • lizzy_gassmann@aubrey_hurst
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