Memory bracelet with charms. This means SO MUCH to me. Thanks baby soooooo much!
  • j_evans1219Memory bracelet with charms. This means SO MUCH to me. Thanks baby soooooo much!

  • justtherightamountofwrongx0Lol funny y'all people are saying it's cheap prolly broke bitter bitches who didn't get shit .. Pretty bracket and the pink gems on the stroller charm may mean she's having a girl ! Cool anyway congrats jenelle !!
  • kris_513Omg really?! The price of a gift has ZERO meaning. Some of the best gifts don't cost a dime. It is special bc it means something to her and the thought that went into it. It's really sad to me that some ppl are so shallow and superficial that all they think of when they see this is that it didn't cost enough! Wtf
  • la_la_la_lauraa_Cute lil stroller charm
  • _crazy_bre_breMy mom has one hers is almost full
  • mrshines52Beautiful!
  • danni3086So what does the Eiffel Tower mean to you? Because I know you've never been to Paris.
  • sstb.beautI got the cradle this year 😊 so sweet
  • laylagenevaYou know what it's a charmed memories bracelet from Kay Jewelers and I know it was in fact expensive because I got one for Christmas too, I got about 12 charms and the bracelet was free and the cost for the gift was $503.64 so no the bracelet isn't cheap.
  • mollyybabyy@danni3086 I'm not sure but I think she mentioned she's French. :)
  • kaylathecrochetingcatladyIt could be a cheap ass charm bracelet from shopko!
  • foreignraeGet a pandora bracelet! There so much better!!!!
  • tamara668That's not pandora and it's not a 500 dollar bracelet! It's a walmart kmart whatever knock off I know my jewelry
  • candi_naeUm Pandora charms are not 500 dollars. The basic bracelet is around 30. The silver and gold around 400 and the solid gold a lot more. Charms range from 25 bucks to 800 bucks a charm.. and wtf does if matter.. The point is that it's sentimental and came from someone's heart not what it cost or what the brand is. Geez people don't have any better to do than to hate on other people. Grow up.. she has
  • jlvellHaaaa @tamara668 treated by @candi_nae
  • krissybooxoxoI have a charm memorie bracelet too
  • etzzley@gorjess9 apparently you can't read.
  • jlvell@creativenamegoesinhere 40 weeks later...what are you even talking about?.. go find something to do.
  • etzzley@gorjess9 tyvm hun
  • jlvellBye! @creativenamegoesinhere
  • etzzley@gorjess9 ok sweetie☺️
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