Happy Holidays Leafs Nation!
  • mapleleafsHappy Holidays Leafs Nation!

  • yasmlkdon't go around talking smack about other people's beliefs. It sounds like you have issues with other races, especially when you keep saying "you people". I was born and raised in Toronto, so the only difference between you and I is my skin colour and religious beliefs. @bradaiello04
  • yasmlkBut nonetheless, enjoy your day with your loved ones, as I will do the same... @bradaiello04
  • j_ramos99#JesusIsTheReasonForTheSeason
  • shihvvbHillbilly's
  • wilbraham440You spelt Merry Christmas wrong. Fuck ppl are still bitching about this shit. Go back to whatever sand box u came from if u don't like it.
  • madmikeytennisTime to chill angry people
  • bradaiello04@yasmlk ok why happy holidays instead of merry christmas? This is canada not fucking pakistan. Do you see us going over there saying happy holidays when its eid? And not say happy eid. But then it would be ok for us to say merry christmas on everyrhing possible. You would be ok with that? Taking your countries main religion, not letting them say it but allow a different native religion in and praise that. Ypur saying your ok with that?
  • yasmlkOnce again @bradaiello04, I never got offended when you said Merry Christmas. YOU were the one who got upset that the pic said Happy Holidays. And I never once said there was anything wrong with saying Merry Christmas. There's no need for the profanity in every sentence either. YOU were the one who brought "F***ing paki's" into this. I think you need to just chill out and drop it because I never once said anything disrespectful about any other religion or faith. I've lived in Toronto my entire life, so I am well aware of the many different religious holidays that are celebrated amongst us all.
  • nehakamath_Merry christmas and a happy new year @torontomapleleafs 😜🍁🍁🍁 win the Stanley cup for us :):)
  • bhadra96@bradaiello04 don't forget that Christianity is not the prime religion in Canada. All of you faggot Europeans came from Europe to Canada. This isn't your land.
  • bhadra96@bradaiello04 And Christians set up missionaries all around the world to "convert" people.. Are you fucking serious, there are so many Christians in the world because all you guys do is convert and spread around your annoying holiday "cheer" to annoy the rest of the world.. Get a life you 30 year old.
  • joshbernstein11The passion unites us all
  • matt_mack7Going to Sundays game vs Carolina
  • fury_15You are cool
  • kendra.lee13Marry Christmas
  • kendra.lee13Marry Christmas leaf team!!
  • lklause@kendra_725 *merry
  • 18_brock_18Awesome pic
  • fmirenzi83The Leafs will never win a Stanley Cup until they accept Christ as their Savior.. Until then enjoy losing! #JesusIsTheReasonForTheSeason
  • 4everleaffanTo my team wish you guys and your family Merry Christmas 2014
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