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  • tasiaswordOMG!!! I'm Weak... He So MAD AT HER

  • me_she_ohRight sis @purfumefreak These fake a** Iyanla's...Kids probably act like lil Chuckies smh Stay in yo lane, fix your OWN house and stay off her page if you just want to be miserable & negative... IT'S EASY! ✌
  • me_she_oh@christina_mom13 No. That would be y'all miserable negative Nancy's👆👆👉👋👋
  • naigotfanzOMG. Smh these comments like there brother and sister they love each other get over it and he's a baby soo like calm y'all selves down baby's hit you know. I'm 12 and me and my 7 year old brother do this most people do this y'all act like he gonna do this when he grow up no he's not @tasiasword you are a beautiful and great mother of 2 young kids don't worry about the comments I yea I love you boo
  • jacoleeeAww he so cute
  • tasiandeeZion is sooooo pretty looks just like mommy,
  • sofiercesosuccessful@mzskin5 you only see 15 secs of a video u don't know a thing about these kids so here _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ have several seats!
  • shhha_kiraThese people that has something negative to say must be the only child and has never played with a brother or sister or cousin like that. This isn't going to impact how he will be raised @tasiasword will teach him from right and wrong he is only two let me know if y'all knew right from wrong then. I'll wait?? @mzskin5 @christina_mom13
  • didizavyMerry Christmas have a blessed day x fantasfantasia
  • _fantasia1fanMerry Christmas to you and your family love you always my number one idol
  • sheila_daughterMerry Christmas to u sis @tasiasword
  • shaliseeeMerry Christmas to you and yours Fanny Mae
  • inyourdreams_92Merry Christmas to you and your family!!
  • jaybibbsMERRY CHRISTMAS @tasiasword BOO!
  • dvddyque__Merry Christmas, hoped u and your fam had a good Christmas. Love u✨💕😘
  • buggie_bug@marlonismoe
  • marlonismoePlez no more.... @buggie_bug
  • amor_.ayou've got a beautiful laugh
  • boldenblmao He fed up with that box lol
  • marie._.ann@amandaharrislove
  • being_cintreaThis is my first time seeing him. Awww #TeamTasia #PricelessMoments
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