Shaming: it’s not just for pets. Anyone else frustrated with the other guys? Show us with #CarrierShaming
  • tmobileShaming: it’s not just for pets. Anyone else frustrated with the other guys? Show us with #CarrierShaming

  • vicperez85Cant beat tmobile prices and service love it!!!!
  • tmobile@vicperez85 Thank you for the shout out!
  • tmobile@fahadidris Glad you are enjoy the network. Thank you for the shout out!
  • onunez177I have been with all mayor network but TMobile is the best of all and will keep getting better
  • alexfuls@tmobile um I have 2gb limited data and I have T-Mobile, what are you guys talking about lol
  • tmobile@onunez177 Thank you for your loyalty. Glad you are enjoying the network.
  • drummerboyclique@ayefuls I hear things like that a lot. "I only have 500MB of data" or "I only have 2GB of data". You do have unlimited, but that's the amount of 4G LTE data you get. I believe unlimited LTE is 70/month.
  • andriodlingThis Tmobile for unlimited data everything .need to get used the unlimited data keep the mobile date on not off .I have to do with att
  • joetcassano@att
  • iseektoknowNo company is perfect. I just switched my 4 Sprint Lines to T-mobile. First because of the price. And also Sprint wouldn't even meet me half-way with an early termination fee for my 5th line. My son moved out of town and wanted a local number so we terminated his Sprint contract early. Yes I expected to pay a termination fee but after 13 years with Sprint you think they want to keep me and at least give me a discount on the ETF!! Glad I found T-Mobile prices and no contract to be perfect. I was in Bellevue last week and the corporate offices are so cool looking and the Space needle in Seattle with the Magenta coloring is just wonderful! So if you want to pay more $$$ then go to another carrier.. I'm staying with T-mobile. I could never upload videos on Sprint (no 4g in my hometown-Pensacola)-now with t-mobile, I'm uploading videos from San Francisco to Seattle :) @tmobile
  • tmobile@iseektoknow Welcome to the T-Mobile family! Thank you for the shout out!
  • steffanchenI just switched to @tmobile great price and its unlimited data !
  • tmobile@steffans28 Welcome to team magenta!
  • imjosueeeeeWish I could have you guys instead of AT&T ... I forgot what unlimited data feels like.... Damn this Etf @tmobile will you guys ever do something to help customers switch to you guys ?
  • djlivinh@josuegamez_ they will take care of your etf!
  • eresdivina713@teanybarbie that's a good, huh?
  • anako39AT&T in So many ways is an awful business.
  • tmobile@hellomynameisjosue We will help you break up with your old carrier.
  • resourcemindedJust switch from AT&T today
  • wrx_orozcoI just left att after 7 years and got the Sony Z1s and your service is so fast!!!!
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