Mommy and Rhythm.  #merrychristmas #rhythmmyer
  • bonblossmanMommy and Rhythm. #merrychristmas #rhythmmyer

  • tayyy158Whitney is freakin gorgeous with or without makeup! Y'all are pathetic! Go somewhere else with your negative self. #bully
  • ray_mitchell_Makeup doesnt define beauty! I know piles of beautiful women that dont wear makeup.. maybe shes going for a natural look which is 100% fine :)
  • sweetprincessm1@jay511kiki Who the fuck died n made you judge . Jury STFU @whitneywhatleyoverbey is a Mom now and an amazing Mom perhaps she cares MORE for her beautiful Daughter than the damn rest of the world n putting makeup on daily. @jay511kiki you truthfully need to GROW UP.
  • sweetprincessm1My God I'll get this posted soon haha! @whitneywhatleyoverbey please don't listen to negativity you are so beautiful inside and out, also @bonblossman as you know from our many @twitter convos I totes love you all, from my heart I wanna wish you all a Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2014, love from London n Nathan and Andrea. ♥
  • shoegal306Watching a BRT marathon in Canada. Love you guys! 💋🍁
  • theresaangelina44Congratulations!! Love Whitney and Bonnie!! Xoxo
  • amber_elkinsBeautiful girls!!!!
  • iambooger@jay511kiki just bc you have underling insecurities and HAVE to put on makeup to feel okay about yourself has nothing to do with others wearing makeup.....I personally prefer @whitneywhatleyoverbey with no makeup because she has something you obviously don't have or know anything about and that is called natural beauty
  • bonblossman@brandonoverbey and that is why I love u
  • andi.solizGo @brandonoverbey !
  • lakerangel14Such a cute pic :)
  • lakerangel14@whitneywhatleyoverbey you look beautiful without the makeup & your hair color looks awesome on you.
  • aymorrisamyHaters will always be around. They're just jealous. Merry Christmas yall! ☆
  • johnroconBeautiful Mommy & daughter !! Whitney looks so content..she just SHINES!!
  • pandapoooooThose cheeks! I could squish them :) both very beautiful :) merry christmas xx
  • cadi4572Merry Christmas girl ^_^ @bonblossman
  • shelley13walterYou and your daughter are beautiful. I miss seeing you and your mom on television. I had the pleasure of meeting your mom this past summer with Connie at a book signing.
  • emeraldeyezzThe true beauty of motherhood is the ability to give your own personal time to your child. Maybe she doesn't want to wear makeup. That is setting a good example for her daughter that she doesn't need full makeup and hair to feel pretty. Love you @whitneywhatleyoverbey !!! You're gorgeous regardless!
  • realbrittanywweRhythm & @whitneywhatleyoverbey are stunning❤️ @bonblossman
  • moonpriincessxLol @ everyone being a bunch of butthurt hypocrites...what did you all forget how severely Whitney bullied kalyn on every episode, calling her fat nd body shaming....
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