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  • lambethpalaceWatch the Archbishop of Canterbury's message for the #Christmasmeans campaign. Over the next two days the Church of England is urging people to share the joy and meaning of Christmas by finishing the sentence 'Christmas means...' on Twitter. What does it mean to you? Share it with #Christmasmeans

  • chrisashtonYour Grace, what do you think the non-Christian hears when we talk about "unconditional love"? Do you think that term gives them any reason to repent and trust in the Saviour? Do you think it suggests to them that they have anything they need saving from?
  • r_k_s_t_rAmen
  • charliepapaone1Desde Venezuela un saludo de Navidad para el señor Arzobispo y todo su ferigresía de Canterbury
  • gloduffChristmas means LOVE ♡
  • laurencehamiltonhopkinsPeace be with you.
  • mindybatie@chrisashton God shows us unconditionally that He loves us. We fall short of that grace. If you're jaded, you won't hear His message. Humble your heart.
  • jerrycliffordimagesArchbishop Justin, Vincent and Pope Francis now are leading the way to right the fundamental wrongs in this world!!
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