Check out New Arrivals at plus jeans are under $30! Shop now and score overnight shipping for $10. #AEOStyle
  • americaneagleCheck out New Arrivals at plus jeans are under $30! Shop now and score overnight shipping for $10. #AEOStyle

  • caragracex1 more person follow me please, I am one away from 2.6k 😊
  • agronycCrazeAmazing! Hey, what you posted here is really quite Cramazingatude! How do I know? Well people often describe me like that. Really!
  • vanessaaameowLove everything ❤️❤️
  • thaniaahhhAmazeballs
  • pulidorney#sweaterweather
  • _karley_mizell_@leemizell
  • maryellenmartin_I was in Aeropastle (don't hate. My mom needed a scarf for her boss) and then everyone was mean to me... I think I know why. I was wearing an American Eagle sweater. Turns out the scarf was in AE and she got confused so we went to the AE store on 5th and Broadway or whatever and I felt much more comfortable and even got a new top! Don't know why shared this...
  • samq11I don't finde good things in your store like what I saw in your account
  • e.mi.le.ehow much money is a pair of jeans usually? thank you xx
  • eazemaitisGot some items from you for Christmas!!
  • eazemaitisI got a pair for $39.90 @curlyfryemmy
  • meganuditI got the cardigan on the bottom in black and white, and cream for Christmas
  • heatherglavini walked in this store yesterday and loved everything then had to walk out when i looked at the prices😭
  • miryamgutierrez_@curlyfryemmy around $40-$60 I think
  • _omqteentipsI love all your clothes but I have to watch what I buy because it is so pricey
  • laureneeurichIve got those shoes!
  • marissapaige1996I'm in love with American eagle sweater there to die for 
  • candidlyemily@curlyfryemmy all denim is 29.99 or less right now
  • chynadyehouseI just bought the shoes. 😍
  • annabelleemarrieI have the sweater on the bottom😍
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