Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Get covered. Who’s with me? #OwnNow
  • cp3Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Get covered. Who’s with me? #OwnNow

  • kidd_glitchU best of
  • lil.glo.gMe
  • charlescbrunsonWassup Chris! It's Cj. How you doing?
  • _ljgetitI wanted to have skills like you so bad @cp3
  • andrew.chavez23When are you coming back to the nba
  • jerniganjrFavorite and best point guard in the nba bra
  • shanolalalaAlways been a fan of all u do ♥ @cp3 mwah
  • us_swofford加油 cp
  • alvaaolof🏀🙏🏀 IM pg to all because ov u❤
  • jayster2014Me
  • yo_mama_swag12Me
  • wsmoneymanCan I goto you camp @cp3
  • dayel94Me
  • noaportMe
  • noaportAll day
  • follow_alanforboy@normal_king that pole on right side
  • avoiceoftheking@cp3 You will have Bad and Good Days! Understand that this is what you prayed for! Whatever you pray for there will be things that come with it to get or keep it! Others dream for your position! Be Thankful that God chose you! Be Thankful that God answered you prayers! Be Thankful that God qualified you bcuz you were unqualified! Be Thankful that God looked pasd your Faults and Seen your Needs! Now the question is how bad do you want it? What will you do to keep it? Now that you have it will you acknowledge the God that made it possible? What you attach your Faith to in this Season you will get! Get in a position of Humblness so God can open more doors! Watch how you treat people around you and that you meet. The same quickness God opened that door for you is the same quickness he will close it! Your words have power be careful what you speak and dont waste them on nonsense! The Hand of God is on your Life! God has been giving you ideas write them down! God is trying to enlarge your territory! You are more than your current position! It is by your Faith how God will move for you! It is ok to be the 1st to do it! There is an unusual amount of Favor on your Life! God touches you in this Season and says you will Prosper! Know the Authority you have! Understand the Influence you have! Greatness is in you! God Bless!
  • jwbraskyYou need to be doing #crossfit son
  • hank_16Me sometimes
  • iampauly_3@astillrocs500 den
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