Never pass up an opportunity for a family pic 😍 #family #love #Christmas2013
  • bosshogswifeNever pass up an opportunity for a family pic 😍 #family #love #Christmas2013

  • bess_hubbleIs that all your kids
  • jordankanhaiI absolutely love your family and would love to draw this pic with your permission.
  • meegghhsYou have a beautiful family, xo! @bosshogswife
  • ekathryn1616I'm your biggest fan and I'm ten years old and can I flow you on Instagram
  • carleyspiegelbergNo im your biggest fan the world has ever saw and im only 10
  • kaden_archer_406Has anyone noticed that Sadie is the only hot one.
  • annasliwinskiSeriously @kadenarcher_9 has anyone notice that they are a great example of a Family that believes in God! Thank The Lord for them!
  • amanda_keck3The bast tv sowe ever I what to sa up for your sowe😢
  • brandonwilliams42I'm praying for y'all oh yah and tell your family to follow me back pls again we are prayin for y'all
  • eblink23Hey I love ur show bet I'm ur biggest fun I wish I could be on duck dynasty. Tell Uncle Si I said hi and tell Jase to kill them sucks !!!!
  • eblink23Ducks I mean !!!
  • aricaloboAdoro vocês e seu programa , pena não tenho mais como assisti_lo.
  • katdeshaunSuch a gorgeous family! God bless!!!
  • bigbossman250Aloys is inlove with Sadie
  • bigbossman250He is really listen to me
  • hannah.rae6Out of all your kids who did you have! And who did you adopted
  • bigbyrd1616Colossians 1:16-17 Love
  • lift_heavy831Team ebie 😊
  • 2003clemsongirlHis hair is cute Luke
  • huntatarianStunned at the blessing you are to the world. Yeah I am a fan of the show. But it's great to see your heart in everyday life. Praying God pours the lovely desires of your heart in abundance on your whole family. Have a great day
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