Me And Chris
  • wizkhalifaMe And Chris

  • ccapeniaIt looks kinda cloudy in there almost maken it rain, and wtf u bee smokenn??
  • tgod_loverr<3 u..(:
  • jamesbrittneeWiz! I love you
  • jamesbrittnee@corey_capenia whats rong with smokin aye??
  • jamesbrittneeCHRIS BROWN AND WIZ R THE BEST ❤
  • ccapeniaBoo im reppin TGOD! Smoke weed errrvday!
  • sbudarocMe n Spitta
  • alex_stachuraHow do you get this picture effect?
  • bre0njonesPlease Help us get Wiz in some #californiaBLUNTED apparel ! !! TWITTER @caliBLUNTED
  • dianavoytovaPerfect!!! From Russia with love :-)
  • yungd666m@boobitchhhhhh bahaha
  • bramadorWiz and breezy <3
  • phill_the_pillEyy wiz man I'm a big ass fan not only for your music but for the lyrics . Your shit goes so hard "you know I kill ! Any motherfucking song that I go on " damn right homie ! I listen to you all day everyday . I'm actually listening to you right now . 100 bottles . Pacc talk is my favorite song from cabin fever 2 . But my point is I live in Miami , I really just want to chill with you anytime , I didn't think I'd ever find someone so influential in my life . But yo your in your early 20s & your never gonna have to lift a finger due to the fact that everything is going so great for you , your brand , your music , everything ! I feel like your going to be around for a long time . I missed your #2050 concert unfortunately cause I didn't have someone to match for the floor ticket I wasn't gonna settle for anything different . Anyways man just wanted to show some love. Keep doing what you do . Looking forward to every album !
  • c.tkissWork
  • moe.pali#freepalestine #prayforpalestine
  • wa_vecount_@brokehomie_vonte dude on the right look like u lol
  • teyla_mariaDo u know how to mae weed brownies?
  • igncaceresknow betta 👏👏
  • bernabee8@chrisbrownofficial
  • _sinosabesnohablesIn little time @mcarrik
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