Ran into Santa while shopping in Beverly Hills
  • kylerichards18Ran into Santa while shopping in Beverly Hills

  • christina_gaspar5U guys are nuts !!!!! And don't forget rude and pathetic
  • kylerichards18Thanks for the nice comments and as far as the "puffy " filler comments I have never done that to my face. Botox yes. And puffiness probably comes from too many cheeseburgers😜
  • hgscott1You always look naturally gorgeous! You don't have to explain yourself to anyone @kylerichards18! 👍
  • hgscott1Anddddd I'm obsessed with your hair 😬
  • emily_kyxy_radio@kylerichards18 I love that you commented back. I couldn't even handle how awkward and gross Brandi was being at dinner in Palm Springs!!!! It was such a mess! How do you not go ape shit on her?!! So guilty of enjoying watching it tho! Crap!!
  • introspectivemindSo many haters on here! Unbelievable! I'm very sorry you have to deal with that as a celebrity Kyle..
  • suefraBeautiful lady 💞
  • fontaine65Terrific picture, very pretty !
  • mrslaskeyest07Why bother following someone if all your going to do is make nasty comments about them, I was taught not to say anything if it wasn't nice, obviously you weren't. How about the haters get a life instead of trying to bring others down. Obviously nothing better to do with your time. For the record I think she is very pretty xx
  • dm67benzYou look great Kyle I don't see any puffiness. People are so jealous they just try to bring you down trust me I deal with this crap too. I've stop worrying about what people think of me the only people that really matter are your family others will make up story's as you well know just to bring you down. You are the hit of the show girl without you on it I would not watch.There are 2 women on the show that need to go this year I won't say who but one of the manes start with a Y and the other a B can't stand them Y is such a lier and her HAIR omg you would think she could afford someone to at least sew in her extentions so everyone could not see them oh and also wash her hair every now and then she always looks dirty .OK I'll get off my soap box now lol.Have a great Christmas doll...
  • chiboutiqueyumaThat's true Kyle, you are the light of the show.... Your sis also...
  • srw_31Kyle you look youthful!
  • nadinealsalehy@kylerichards18 you look great😊💖
  • anna_murphy_xAw Santa!! And Beverly Hills baby! One day....
  • christeanrenee@kylerichards18 @kimrichards11 you are both my favorites on the show. I can't believe how the others elect to portray themselves. Keep being true to yourselves. You are great mothers and role models. Even If the show only shows certain scenes, if your never "ugly" they will have nothing to twist! Thanks for making it enjoyable.
  • busterhundenOh you look so Nice on this pic.
  • lynae_22@bngtwinmom you look just like her!! I always tell you this lol
  • bngtwinmom@lynae_22 you are so sweet! A girl could only wish!
  • chbluxury😍😍🎊💁
  • briana.f26Kyle please follow me u are inspirational you have a really good life I look up to you as a mentor and a beautiful person so please follow me please
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