Backstage at #Arsenio  with @KimRichards11
  • kylerichards18Backstage at #Arsenio with @KimRichards11

  • pauliine595Best sisters <3
  • seanbrendog@3mm3tt_wa1sh we are spending quality sister time together and not fighting and forgetting the past
  • mavalicious22Ewwww cannot stand him. Love you guys though. @kimrichards11 your movies were my childhood!!! Very fond memories. Keep up the good work. You look wonderful inside & out. Merry Christmas to all of the families @kylerichards18
  • pola_odomLindas!💋💋
  • _joaoaugusto👭
  • imthemego@sgispert kyle kinda looks like Carmen, lol
  • shetownStart having your sis back more u lost major points with me because of that but I must admitt I'm understanding u more this season well I know it's good 2 b civil but don't kiss up to no one but your sis blood is thicker Than water but stay away from Brandi she's on a downward spiral !!!
  • michellehaugland1990You 2 are the best! Love you both! Det funniest and cutest on real housewives⭐️ Merry Christmas⭐️ Lots of love Michelle from Norway❤️
  • anna_murphy_xCute sisters<3
  • leslie_richard@kimrichards11 Kim, you have shown how incredibly funny, witty and smart you are this season. I have SO enjoyed your scenes this season. You and Kyle have my 3 favorite clips of all the seasons; 1) Kyle mocking the crazy psychic lady smoking that E-cigarette and giving that sideways devilish glance 2) you imitating that crazy psychic lady with the cigarette and 3) your fake faint was hysterical!
  • busterhundenLove you to, Best to you in 2014. Kiss from Denmark💋
  • jmbs_momYou guys are my favorite housewives! You're both....REAL people! You don't take yourselves super seriously like so many of the others. You make people laugh!!! LOVE that!!! Have a wonderful 2014... Be happy. 🎉🎊
  • cssouth80I've watched so long and I've tried to like y'all but y'all have been mean Yolanda and Lisa r my favorite and I do love Carlton and Brandi too but y'all have been pretty mean to a lot of people
  • its_me.jenny@cssouth80 what? Why do you even like Kyles Instagram if you don't like her?? Brandi is trash. Kyle is the most down to earth, and sophisticated out of all of them.
  • meraniii@jjgarrido91
  • lynnea_wThat waxing scene was soo awesome!! Kim is hilarious. That's totally me and my sister 👯👙
  • concrete.rats.noise.techno@kylerichards18 I fucking love you this season. Ur so sweet and kind and well intended. I adore u. God fucking bless u.
  • chistineloveone💛💙💜💚❤️ love u guys
  • elias_kalevaYour really pretty and shouldn't work. @kylerichards18
  • selmarajebVous etes super sisters !
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