So good to be back home in #LA. Look what came out for me to greet me back! #Rainbow
  • nicolescherzySo good to be back home in #LA. Look what came out for me to greet me back! #Rainbow

  • nanoly555The reason you'll always be a flop it's because of your cold self absorbed personality. You are a liar. You're not even 35! Menopausal has been!!
  • nanoly555You are pathetic old looking fame hungry. I wish you and your pathetic fan @saniasxoxo could fuck off Lewis' life.
  • hannmaunder_She isn't responsible for her fans actually, it's their choice to do what they want and she's one of the most down to earth women on this earth so stop sending her hate behind a computer screen because the only one looking stupid here is you tbh @nanoly555
  • nanoly555If she had any moral that looking tranny should tell her scum fan @saniasxoxo to fuck off Lewis' IG!
  • nanoly555@hannmaunder_ that @saniasxoxo is constantly sending hate to Lewis. What to you think about her?
  • nanoly555Nicole is a vile woman that's why she doesn't say nothing to her scum fans to stop sending hate to Lewis. All that old looking tranny ever care about was Lewis' money.
  • nanoly555If you can't tell your scum fans @saniasxoxo to fuck off Lewis' IG why don't you at least tell your real age? You're not 35 but 45!!! Old tranny!!!
  • nanoly555I hope Lewis never propose to you! You and your fans are nothing but attention seekers & money grabber.
  • tom_setchUr the best love u
  • 44_lore@nanoly555 I do think Lewis doesn't care about these people who hate on his IG and if he do care he just has to block them and then he won't be bothering anymore, and same for Nicole but I tend to believe they don't care about what people think about them or their relationship but I'm agree it's idiot to send hate on his IG but it's idiot as well to do the same on Nicole's IG.
  • peony_art_👍👍👍👍👍
  • lorielefebvre@thenicolescherzinger is the most beautiful woman and gorgeous woman in the entire world!😘
  • xumblerNicole i create this account for you! I love you😘😘
  • xumbler@thenicolescherzinger
  • kayley_lucyThat's such a great pic.😄
  • kalumba973nanoly55 Your insulting comments on Nicole are not welcome here, such a pathetic person with 0 manners.
  • kalumba973Ok CHILDREN this is not the place for you all to air your dirty laundry ir to. This is for Nicole's fans so if you don't like her please don't bother to come here. This space is for Killer Lovers so give it the space & respect.
  • epulnizam94Beautiful rainbow ..
  • abbzzzzzz_76Beautyfull
  • 1novej1Amen
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