Tony Tuesday is in full effect @anthonygreen
  • anthonyraneriTony Tuesday is in full effect @anthonygreen

  • mega_powers_customsGirlfriend bought it. So good!
  • j3wfr0I can't say or stress it enough, you did an incredible job on the EP. It was worth the long wait. Very proud of you dude! 🎉👍👏
  • cadance_c😁👍
  • cmdcourtneySo. Sick. 2 of the best musicians side right by each other
  • linmackReally awesome job, every song sounds incredible
  • allyfreshhhNot one song I'm not digging. Amazing job.
  • cheeeseyyyso amazing 😍
  • murkleturti@anthonyraneri didn't even know this was coming out until I saw it on here, bought it, solid EP man, congrats!!
  • aileen_rathee@anthonyraneri congrats on your solo album an for doing it all on your own. Thats really amazing! I've been a huge fan of bayside for years and have seen you guys maybe ten times and met you twice. You should be so proud of yourself. Thank you is not enough for giving your fans such great and honest music in this world of shitty pop songs. Keep it going.
  • nnabuckTwo favorite artists. True talent, real people.
  • merylelizabethMost talented anthonies around. Congrats! You deserve it.
  • audpar12@anthonyraneri congrats! Can't wait to hear it live friday!!
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