We see your #xmasjammies holiday card and raise you #petxmasjammies! Show us yours! 🐾
  • petsmartWe see your #xmasjammies holiday card and raise you #petxmasjammies! Show us yours! 🐾

  • seeleythefrenchieI have these too ☺️
  • gizmo_frenchbulldogAdorable!
  • cristina.ciamponei thought it was chi chi! @mvpmitch11
  • _mitch_shem_Lol @cristina337
  • andrianaes@afg505 @yariest how cutttteee
  • madie484Hi, I know that you try to take care of your animals, but please can you just give your animals a bigger cages? I'm not trying to say this in a mean way but please take care of your animals now I've walk ones into petsmart and there are animals in pain and suffering! Please give them the health that they need please don't think I'm saying this to be mean but it's true you need to take better care of your animals. The bearded dragons should be in a 40 gallon tank and the snakes should be in at least a 20 the other animals cages are ok one more thing please feed your dragons crickets three times a day? I love your store but I literally start to cry when I see the animals in pain please help the animals live!:) #nohate @petsmart please respond
  • tammesueI know your coming from a good place. But I work at a Petsmart and I will be and have been the first person to stand up for animal rights. They have no voice but ours. We take good care of our animals. We feed our reptiles crickets at our store. We feed each species food that meets their special needs. When they appear sick we take them to banfield pet hospital. And they stay in a sick room until they are better. We also take them out of their habitats and love on them. We educate people before they buy any type of pet. I agree the spiders need better enclosures. We have voiced this as well. We adopt out many animals every day that might not have found a home. We raise money in every store. As well as some workers give in their checks. I'm one of them. I hope this makes you feel a little better. We value you as a customer and your opinion of us. Thank you for caring enough for voicing your concerns. @madie484
  • madie484Thank you!:) it's just I had some horrible experiences there, one time I walked in and the bearded dragon had poop on its head and it looked like it had been there for about a week, i just have one question, why doesn't Petsmart give there animals a bath? Thank you for responding! :) @ @tammesue
  • madie484Bearded dragons will kill each other if they are in a small tank together, I get it if there are 3 dragons in a small tank but I walked in and they had 5 small ones and 2 big ones In a small tank can't thy just be in a 20 gallon tank? I love there store but sometimes it's sad walking in and seeing there animals! My dragon been sick many times and I got it there! I love there store! So this is no hate to them I'm just saying my opinion! @emilyissupergirl
  • madie484I've been studying bearded. Dragon for over a year @emilyissupergirl
  • madie484@heyy_its_karissa
  • heyy_its_karissaAlright I'm gonna back up my friend here... I am an advanced reptile keeper I keep and breed my animals... But most importantly they are FAMILY ! My 2nd beardie nym was abused by petsmart... She was left to freaking ROT in the cage if any of u know what that means it means she was literally rotting from a bite that another dragon gave to her which happens when they are HUNGRY.... Their was a $200 vet bill that was needed to SAVE HER LIFE she was in such critical condition the vet didn't know if she would make it... I have a friend that works at 3 petsmart and each one
  • madie484Thank you !!! @heyy_its_karissa
  • heyy_its_karissaHas the wrong vet they are used for small animals not reptiles... There for they cannot help her in any way and petsmart refused that they had any problem and that she was perfectly healthy and they thought her tail would GROW back! @madie484 @tammesue @emilyissupergirl @petsmart
  • tammesueOur vet here in Clarksville sees out reptiles. Sorry u got one that did not !😒 @heyy_its_karissa
  • heyy_its_karissaMy point is they'll higher anyone... Anyone with a good business degree... I mean sure everyone knows how to take care of small pets, dogs, and cats I took care of a farm at 5 yrs old anyone can do that... But if u have a trans bearded dragon they need more water and baths than a normal a silkback bearded dragon need aloe gel and need shed remover and a bath EVERY day... Do u know the humidity and heat lights of a crested gecko..... They can't have heat lights it will burn their thin skin! And the Chinese water dragon need 5x4x3 foot vivariums once they're a year old and need frozen thawed pinkies to keep their weight up.... Or how leos need a moss hide? That ball pythons need live food more than frozen thawed because they lack the nutrients a snake needs when they are gassed? I'm fine with any other animal with petsmart but no one knows about the reptiles.... When or if I ever own a pet supply store I will make sure that everyone know s about the individual animals perfectly or as perfect as it could be... Not that people just have a business degree besides the pet care specialists employees @tammesue not tryig to be rude its just facts at this point
  • tammesueI get your point. But not everyone can take care of a dog cat or small animal. I have seen to many abused animals to agree with that. I think you will make a great pet store owner. Merry Christmas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. @heyy_its_karissa
  • madie484Yes true! @heyy_its_karissa
  • cooldudeeliCute jrese😉
  • izzytackThat dog looks like my dog willie.
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