Written in the Sky... It is written in the sky... A profound message to view,
That I saw as I walked here... And it's about you.
The sky by day and stars by night... All say the same,
Their songs blend in harmony... But all sing your name.
But it's just for my ears... No one else can hear,
And as I listen to their song... I wish that you were near.
Your loving arms and gentle embrace... Sweetly curved hips,
Eyes so full of tenderness... The beauty of your lips,
The feel of your smooth skin... The warmth I feel there too,
As we meld our bodies together... And I am caressing you.
To have that go beyond thoughts... And to have it become true,
It is written in the sky my love... I know you see it too,
Our sky is shared in many way... Or in snapshots just like this,
But to hold you in reality baby... And feel your passionate kiss,
Would be the sky... I want to live under forever.
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