"Every kiss begins with Kay." Thanks baby for the birthday gift! He is so perfect!
  • j_evans1219"Every kiss begins with Kay." Thanks baby for the birthday gift! He is so perfect!

  • ladyfadednationOh and im pretty sure when I commented on this pic I NEVER addressed you .. pretty fuckin sure I wasnt fuckin talking to you @aokayyyy you went out of your way to lash out at me your setting a great example for your kid of how ro be an uptight immature social network bullie!!
  • ladyfadednation@aokayyyy you bad talking shit to me on a social network site... I would pay money to have you say it to my face cuz I would love to smash it into a fuckin curb for being so fuckin ignorant
  • adbeck314@kweenofthegreen I have more brain cells than you do cuz we can go into more statistics if you like but your such a dumb bitch it wouldn't be fair to you. And you have me feeling like I'm a better parent than I already am cuz if I did smoke I wouldn't do the stupid shit you do like jeopardizing my child's safety and well being.
  • ladyfadednation@aokayyyy oh and btw janelle and the hundreds of people that comment on her pics dont need you as there personal ig public defender lol you obviously crave the attention because no one gives you any ever prob not even your kid... your juts like monday bitch nobody like you haha
  • ladyfadednationI gotta go be a horrible mom and work for a living to support my child... bye now bitch @aokayyyy
  • adbeck314@kweenofthegreen lol have a good day dumb cunt. Cuz at the end of the day I'm way better then you could ever hope to be. And pretty pathetic you felt the need to justify yourself to a stranger. Fuckin hilarious. Your opinion means less than shit. Its dumb bitches like you that fall for it every time. What a wonderful chat lmfao
  • ladyfadednationIf you have to tell yourself your way better than me your not..... @aokayyyy if you were real people would know without you even saying so keep stepping fake ass bitch
  • ladyfadednation@aokayyyy if my opinion is shit why keep addressing it your truly a dumbass
  • ladyfadednation45 followers hmm I see your well liked lol @aokayyyy
  • adbeck314@kweenofthegreen mine must mean something cuz u keep comin back lol and yes only 45 cuz I only add people I know personally I'm not an attention whore that needs 900 something followers to validate my self worth so good try there. I dont have to tell myself I'm better then you I know I'm better then you. Keep comin back and commenting and proving how many nerves I hit. Thought you had to work. Lol dumb bitches never fail for good entertainment
  • vstr99yahoocomOh my like
  • meow_kitty_kittyI have this same necklace it's my birth stone! @j_evans8209
  • kanubis_karolYea but he talks to girls allbthe time remember lol
  • criistiiaan5Big tits :3
  • wydmandaput your boobs away
  • emmajewell_123I got the same necklace from Kay a week ago! I love it!
  • musicmusicmusic@amandaleetilley what are you some sort of prude or something? Her boobs aren't even out lmfao
  • surferbabe977x3Really pretty necklace!
  • fabbyherreraLove the necklace n by the way bobs aren't out @amandaleetilley
  • mamabear_schliesmann1315I love it (:
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