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  • perfectlocks@Butlerstefani... Loyal customer since 2008! She's rocking our 12" and 14" virgin curly in several different states. Crimped, natural, and damp! You can flat iron this hair as well ladies! It holds it's curl like you wouldn't believe. Lasts 2 years with proper care! You can find this hair in our Classic collection. Love the versatility of this texture! 💕😘 #perfectlocks #curlyhair #plcurly

  • butlerstefaniI wish I could LOVE button this post!!! Because I looooove this hair. It just doesn't get any better than @perfectlocks , seriously. I've a show in #Vegas in 3 weeks and I can't wait to rock these curls! Thank you so much! :-) #curlyhair #plcurly #perfectlocks
  • perfectlocks@butlerstefani thank you!!! Love you back... Fantastic customers like you make it all possible. What's your show?! We'll be rooting for you! 😄
  • butlerstefaniThanks so much! It's my company's showing at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). I'm the Internal Communications lead and really pray to be, do and look my best! Haha. I'm feeling great about it. Stay tuned. :-) @perfectlocks
  • perfectlocks@butlerstefani CES is an amazing show! We'd love to know more about what you do! Will be sending you an email! 😉
  • butlerstefaniI'm happy to share! Yes, CES is the bomb. Hahaha. #yay I'll watch for your email. :-D @perfectlocks
  • butlerstefaniMy awesome stylist for this look is the one and only @candygrl1, SwifTif. She made this look FLAWLESS ladies. Even I sometimes have to remember it's extensions. Haha.
  • swiftif_stylez@butlerstefani & @perfectlocks I am so flattered that you both admire my god given talent. I'm honored Thank you
  • perfectlocks@candygrl1 👏👏👏 😘
  • butlerstefani@_yafiah @candygrl1 crimped my relaxed hair to achieve this blended look. As you can see in the left pic, the blend is almost perfect between my crimped leave out and the curly extensions. Hope that helps! Any more tips for her @candygrl1 or @perfectlocks ?
  • _4thmonth@joithis
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