Duomo, Florence
  • caradelevingneDuomo, Florence

  • ericatesi@categaggia GUARDA NON AGGIUNGO ALTRO
  • giulia.gentilinihey cara did u like ravenna? i live there, hope you had fun!! merry xmas bby @caradelevingne
  • margheritasaccoITALIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA <3
  • sofie_rosamunde@theraben noooo woords!!!
  • khristle25Uno che ho su FB, l'ha stalkerata ed è riuscito a fermarla e farsi una foto! 😬 @veroniquepp Caraaa! 😍
  • imrvnsyaeeewwwww
  • kaaeleemHeaven....
  • missusmBeautiful xxx
  • ponzi75Wonderful
  • ponzi75Wonderful
  • nuuuuzzi❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • robertaalfanooMy italy ❤️
  • serena_ravagnanMy italy♥
  • s.fvxomg 😍😍
  • sperelman421@aroo321 @sabstoms
  • juliabakaluOrthodox icons are amazing
  • carohuescaQue arquitectura:O
  • livvy_ohaganI went there when i was seven. It took us ages to get up there and I was constantly complaining but when I got there i was so amazed we could even see my aunts flat from the top and from her balcony we could see all the people at the top @caradelevingne
  • elisa.battagliniI'M FROOMM THEEEEREEE
  • lilyhoke_Cara, you're probably never gonna see this but I feel I should tell you anyway. You're the most beautiful amazing confident strong women in the world. And I truly admire you for that, you're doing so many amazing things in this world to help the earth's community. I was at the Taylor Swift concert and I was approached before the concert by a modeling scout and they said I should give them a call, all I could think about was that maybe someday I could be the next Cara Delevingne. You've been through so much, and you still manage to look great doing it and still do so many wonderful doing it. I'm so proud of you for being who you truly are and not being afraid of the people who will put you down, you truly are the most amazing inspirational person out there, and I admire you so much. I love you and so does most of the rest of the world. Lily
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