A 7-time All-Star #EdgarHOF
  • marinersA 7-time All-Star #EdgarHOF

  • cleteparkerIf they want to put Big Papi in, they've gotta buy Edgar in first. Period.
  • cleteparker*put ^
  • south.side.fan.49He deserves to be in the hall. The DH is a position just cuz he didn't field doesn't mean he was a bad player or not hall worthy I mean the DH is a debate but he was the best at it. If he doesn't get in the hall then no DH from now and the future should be in the hall. My favorite player of all time by far #EdgarHOF
  • a1exsandWith writers of NL teams they will never vote in a DH into the hall of fame. They just don't believe DH is acceptable. He definitely deserves to go but I don't see them changing their minds. Unless the whole MLB goes by the AL rules.
  • d_chestHe used to play the field, bad knees caught up to him
  • tcarter10The DH excuse is crap, many people get into the HOF because of just their hitting. #edgarhof
  • jlowellb@archdukecollins I agree with u on pretty much everything. God I hope he makes it though lol
  • schnurley@archdukecollins or you could focus on 500 doubles and a career .312 hitter with a .937 ops which are just 3 ridiculous stats. He's a hall of famer.
  • hitman_meddyOffensive numbers are good. Not overwhelming enough. If he played the field, you could compare him to players at his position by his offensive numbers. That would narrow the competition. But as a DH, and only a DH, you have to compare his hitting numbers to every hitter, ever. Not a hall of famer.
  • 1979rNo more living in the past propoganda. Our team better start showing us something....in spring.
  • stenflossy⚾️
  • iamthemessenger@schnurley And a LIFETIME on base percentage over .400. Another ridiculous stat.
  • brooksmoellerU know nothing. @mrseanp
  • thecatapult3509If he gets in, it changes the game. He should get in based solely on the fact that he was the best DH ever and the award is named after him.
  • booniesgodDO has been around longer than the Closer role... yet closers get into the hall based on saves. Why punish a DH when the sport he plays for allows that position... Edgar no brainer hall of fame
  • mamabettyHall of fame is for all amazing players!!!!!!
  • deaconfeldmanEddd-gar
  • randhyllcho@booniesgod The problem with that logic is that both leagues don't have a DH. Both have closers however. Great hitter though... Till pete rose gets in it's all irrelevant.
  • ricky2_1Dude is not his fault he played some first and third is just happen to be in the american league and they use him the way tbey
  • ricky2_1They felt best for him
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