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  • _the_red_panda_My goodness. I understand where people are coming from with the whole "they are only a size 12" but take into considerations what 99.9% of runway and fashion models look like. In comparison, size 12 is a lot bigger. I'm a size 18/20 and yes, I would love to see Torrid using models who are bigger, but right now I'm ok with a size 12/14. I can relate to them better than a store like their big brother company, Hot Topic. The models are beautiful so trying to say that "they aren't really plus size" isn't really fair in my opinion.
  • b_taylorgangggI am a size 18 and 6 ft tall, although I look "tiny" to some people, I am still an 18 in pants and an XL in shirts.. Don't judge a model because she looks small in the plus sized clothing because you really don't know their size at all. I don't look like I am a size 18, but I am. These models only look small because they are so tall, but in reality, they could very well be size 20's and above. You can't tell someone's size by the way they look in the clothing.
  • torry530@b_taylorganggg agreed. I'm 6' tall too and a size 22 and people never think that's my size. And yes I do like it when they use bigger models with different body shapes it'd be awesome to see the outfits on bodies that are more similar to mine. But nonetheless these women are beautiful.
  • ciji17@miaeffinpia
  • mayraeliza86Ya'lls clothing is way over priced and cheap in quality @torridfashion When there was no #forever21+ I would stay shopping at Torrid and you guys took advantage of the fact that no one else was selling trendy plus size clothing.
  • toniepadillaOmg everyone's grouchy today. Chill out lol - @kiratuiaki That would be awesome but I have a feeling we're excluded from it lol
  • missxanthrope@dollfaace87 @kiratuiaki we won't be able to win the prize but I think it would be fun to participate. Maybe we should use our own hashtag like #employeetorridsimplystunning
  • nymiss01We should be happy they're using a size 12. Not too long ago, plus sized clothing stores used skinny models. At least this is a step in the right direction. Also, most women that shop in stores for smaller sizes aren't a size 0 or 2 like the models in the advertisements. They have the same complaints that some of you are having with Torrid.
  • dancemau5OMG shut up people!! Just cause they don't look like a cow doesn't mean they aren't plus size!!!
  • jessydjackI really wish ppl get over themselves! ! Every model not gonna look like u get over it. I'm 5'3 size 16/18 no1 looks like me but I still shop like a crazy person at #torrid. I LOVE TO SEE PLUS MODELS NO MATTER THEIR SIZE AND IF THEY LOOK LIKE ME
  • cantstandamesshessThese models are gorgeous who cares there size. I LOVE Torrid!!!
  • bodyimageguru@theonly1vikki @dancemau5 @jessydjack These models are gorgeous their is no doubt about it but it is not unreasonable nor kind to berate people for wanting to see all sizes represented in fashion, especially at a store that specializes in plus sizes. My thought after reading all the comments is where is the runway shows on the website? Why can't models in each size be found and photgraphed for each item of clothing so when you click on it you see a representation of that size? It would be revolutionary on a plus size site. Something no one has done. I personally love @torridfashion & haul there all the time for myself and for my youtube followers. Are there some cheap things there, yes. Is this the place to complain about it, no. Call and talk to the managers or start a petition. Everyone stop #whining about it, telling people to shut up or they are not right to want to see their body types on a plus size site. Take action, #ladies. We are more powerful than you think.
  • viipieIn the modeling industry, "plus size" starts at size 8. So don't complain about absolutely nothing :) k thanks. Love you @torridfashion !!!
  • plussizemodel_claudiafloraunceWe made our point and as you all can see @torridfashion stayed quiet, because they not one of their models is over a size 18. I am a proud 26 and 6 feet tall and I can rock torrid fashion as well as a size 18 and smaller model! Give us a chance I will even pose for free!!!!
  • positivelylizzie@torridfashion still cannot click link....
  • mommajengaThe models look like they are a size12.
  • nannygee_qmbWow! @theonly1vikki THANK YOU! It seems like the controversy may stop Torrid from posting for fear of backlash. ugh! I wanna see the clothes and find discounts!
  • bodyimageguru@plussizemodel_claudiafloraunce aaaaa-followed!
  • mskeys89@torridfashion What are the rules? ??
  • naila_nainaiSo who won #torridsimplystunning ????
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