#ghettoprotected "We get our crews tattooed on us so people know where we stand and who we stand with" GP was started by  @ftwskills / @lukewessman / and @timhendricks the "GP" tattoo can ONLY be received from one of us three.  We keep it this way so it stays special and suckers stay out.  A few of these hats will be up on my site for sale soon. GP members obviously get GP cost. (Text me for purchase code) roll call - @angelomiller_ir @ink4u2c @xmanoelxnetox @lindseycarmichael @chrisnunezhandcrafted @tobymorse @chopstattoo @invisibleson @diegomiranda @dringenberg @downtownoakland @dueler @eddyospina_wssc @goodguybri @1_soul_on_ice @iamthecobra @jimmygnorte @kikupunk @makanaalia @rossnagle @mikeyslater_1920 @leerodriguez_bts @shawnbuss  @mikewilsontattoo @mxpike ...and more
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